A Little Bit of Everything

P6070393April showers bring May flowers. Dark brooding skies seem to clear as quickly as they appeared, a chink of blue will come into sight and then steadily take over, spreading like ink on blotting paper until it fills the entire page.



The week started with a few downpours but since then we haven’t had a drop of rain. The cyclists are out in force, France’s national and much loved sport. We see them all year round, local clubs out for their weekly tour. But with the longer days they are even more evident, after work evening rides are now possible and they are a common sight on the roads, their bright lycra a stark contrast to the surrounding countryside. They also always receive the utmost respect from motorists.


Photos I hasten to add were snapped by Millie who was with me, NOT by me whilst driving!!


It has been a fantastic week for gardening.

P6070554And an even better week for eating! A week of sampling new recipes and tasting new food. Izzi is home from uni for a week’s holiday and between her and Roddy I feel like the Queen; I’ve been spoilt rotten. The two of them are both fantastic chefs who love nothing better than to whip up delicious meals. I was going to include some of their recipes this week, and show you some of our delicious finds; my two spring favourites, asparagus and fèves (broad beans). The markets are filling up with fresh ingredients, the season of plenty is just beginning. But it seems I already have too much to say, which is not at all unusual, and besides, Izzi is still here and we have more tasting, more cooking and more stopping at small roadside stands to purchase locally grown fresh produce to do, so I will save my photos, I’ve been snapping away and making notes of what they have cooked and I’ll share it with you on Thursday!

It is such fun having her home and we were amazed to find that I still don’t know every road around here. One day we took a short cut and accidentally took a wrong turn. We found ourselves in completely unknown territory and came across a bunch of hives which I was pleased to see were swarming with bees. Pollinators are a critical link in our food system. More than 85 percent of the earth’s plant species – many of which compose some of the most nutritional parts of our diet – require pollinators to exist.


By the time we had stopped, taken photos and found our way again, our short cut turned into a very long cut!


We’ve been spoilt with days filled with warm spring sun and this weekend is really more like summer, yesterday we reached 28C; it’s bbq weather. We’ve brought the plancha and grill out of their winter hibernation, cushions now adorn the garden furniture, the hammock is back in use and it’s time to move the whole show outdoors once again.


Two thirds of French children are now on their spring holidays. Ours have to wait another week as we are the last rotation. The roads are busy. The coastal towns have come to life once more, shop keepers and restauranteurs are gearing up for the season ahead. I hope for them it is a good one and if the long tail back of traffic heading over the bridge to the Île d’Oléron this morning is anything to go by, then it is certainly starting off well.

The first roses are in bloom and the lavender is in flower.



The fields are awash with vibrant yellow rapeseed, colza, an early crop which allows the farmer to plant a different second crop for the summer months.




I have passed this woody shrub, coronilla, sometimes known as the scorpion vetch, although I have no idea why, out walking on so many occasions, the scent is utterly incredible.


We are overrun with eggs, the girls are laying prolifically and with the warmer weather we have our first broody hen. Now the question is do we let her sit on a few eggs or do we wait another month?


The dogs have had their annual spring haircut, a short back and sides, time to take off the winter layers and spruce them up for the warmer weather!


The house is clothed in blue and purple.




The bluebells snuggle up against many of our walls and the wisteria which seems to never disappoint is putting on its usual spectacular display.





I’ve brought spring into the house with blossom and now with lilac, it really is a time to relish blossom, branches and greenery, anything that is growing in abundance has a little pruning from me so that I can fill vases in every room.


The hallway is holding up, I found the photos of the ‘before’ quite by chance, I knew I had taken them and sure enough I had, but I had clicked away quickly with my iPad, not with my camera! So I’ll be brave and show you how it was and perhaps you will see just why we needed to make the changes we did! Neither the before nor after photos have been styled in any way. This is just how daily life in a busy house with a whole tribe of children is, lots of coats, shoes and sports things.





I’ve also been experimenting with chalk paint. And painted a table we bought for a song in a local brocante. Neither old nor pretty it is none the less as solid as a rock but the base was ugly (so Roddy changed it) and the colour even worse. Unsurprisingly I have never seen chalk paint for sale around here, but that was not going to put me off, at the suggestion of a couple of blogging friends and plenty of encouragement from them, we made our own. It’s terribly simple and it worked!


Mix 1/3rd cup of Plaster of Paris with 1/3rd cup of cool water and stir until it is completely smooth. Then add 1 cup of any water based paint (your own colour choice).


We have blue skies again today and high temperatures. I was out all morning with two of the girls and returned to an amazing brunch prepared by Izzi, you see, I told you I am being spoilt, I could get rather used to this! We’ve decided we are going to the beach this afternoon, just for an hour or two to feel the sand between our toes. Whatever you are doing today, I hope you have a happy, relaxed and peaceful Sunday. xx

126 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Everything

  1. This post oozes spring! We’re about 2 weeks behind you in the central states – just now getting the tulips. Thank you for the LOVELY post. So fresh and warm after a dreary winter…

    1. Spring really has sprung here, actually it’s been more like summer this past week! The beach was packed this afternoon and our girls even went swimming! Our tulips are virtually over, moving onto roses and lavender etc. I love the way everything keeps moving on. It’s so fabulous after winter as you say, every day we marvel at how green it is everywhere. xx

  2. I am officially in love with your life! I will have to content myself with my weekly fix with your blog instead!!

    1. Thanks Shari, trust me there are plenty of boring, ordinary bits too, we all have to pay bills and do the everyday errands and clean etc! Plus there is the running around and not having either enough time nor enough hands! But I would never complain, it’s a fabulous life and we all feel so lucky to be able to live here in the heart of the French countryside. xx

    1. Another lovely read on a beautiful Sunday morning here in Ottawa.. with temperatures hovering in the mid to high teens C. today , we plan to scout out some county roads and she how spring is developing in the country and hopefully pick up some Maple Syrup from some local markets. Your place is always so lovely, whatever the season and I love the Wisteria…..

      1. Thanks Elizabeth, mid to high teens sounds perfectly respectable and scouting out some country roads and finding some local maple syrup sounds like heaven, just the sort of thing I love to do on a Sunday, except obviously no maple syrup here! Hope you had lots of fun xx

    2. Thanks Nadia, we did keep the buffet, that went into the library/Roddy’s study and it actually looks so much nicer in there. The wisteria is looking incredible and the scent is fabulous. What a stunning day today, in fact what a gorgeous week. We went to the beach this afternoon and the girls even went swimming! Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

  3. The lilac and wisteria look stunning against the white backgrounds. So evocative of the new season. We had our first taste of cold today so it cheers me to read about your colours, family spring meals and driving the charming back roads of France.

    1. I am sure you are looking forward to autumn and the wonderful cooler weather and all that autumn brings with it, just in the same way as we are loving everything about the spring at the moment! xx

  4. I love Shari’s comment…and I have to agree with her…I would only add I am so thankful that you take the time out of a VERY BUSY life to share so many different aspects of it with your “fans.”
    The Bluebells and Wisteria are so beautiful! The color are the rose 🌹 is lovely.
    The Hammock my “favorite.”
    Enjoy these first days of spring. There is always something so “enchanting” when the last frost is gone and the flowers appear! Oh…Happy Week ahead! 💐🌹🌷🌺🌸💞

    1. You are too too kind Stephanie. As I think you know, I love writing this, so I will always find the time somehow! We are being so totally spoilt with this amazing weather at the moment, we spent he afternoon on the beach and the girls even went swimming. It was like summer, ice creams, lots of people, children playing. Everything in the garden and the countryside is marching forward at a great pace. Everywhere is so green and so gorgeous, it is such a fabulous time of year and there are flowers everywhere, I have filled the house with them and the garden is brimming, isn’t nature fabulous? xx

      1. Yes, nature is Fabulous…and I just love Spring! I always like to guess when I will see my first Robin…Well, this year they came early…Usually, I only see one this time of year…but to my delight I drove into my driveway and saw five Robins and a Cardinal. Oh, happy days…My 🌷 have been eaten by the deer in previous years! I miss them…
        Glad the beach was lovely!
        Enjoy the week ahead. 💞🌈🌷

        1. I used to love seeing the red cardinals in Florida, we don’t get them here. One year we had a pair who nested in the bougainvillea right by the pool, by standing on the edge of the hot tub we were able to look right inside the nest and watch the chicks grow. The week has started off well, let’s hope it continues! Xx

      2. I just had to write one more little tidbit…about Cardinals. Did you know that “When Cardinals appear Angels are near?”
        I love this…with so much sadness in the world it’s nice to bring a little “heartfelt spirit” to the world.
        Glad your week has a good start! I woke up to snow…need I say more?

        1. I have never heard that before, how lovely, I wish we got them here, they are such beautiful birds. With so much sadness any beautiful words like this are welcome. I cannot believe you have snow, it’s mid-April! Meanwhile we are in shorts and eating outside. Hope we don’t get a cold snap now, often we get your East coast weather a few days later!! xx

  5. I was feeling rather low this morning and this has lifted my spirits no end. I love your Sunday posts and the photos are incredible. Thank you

    1. Thanks and yes do make your own, I promise it really did work brilliantly and as you probably know it is almost impossible to find chalk paint here, certainly our local Bricorama and BricoDepot and BricoMarche don’t sell it at all!! It doesn’t keep for very long so do mix up what you need and then use it within a week or so. Have fun! xx

      1. I haven’t actually looked for it where we are so was thinking of buying Annie Sloane in U.K. But it’s expensive. This sounds like a much better option. Mind you I still have to find the right buffet and kitchen table yet. Will be looking this summer😊

        1. Half the fun is searching for the right furniture! Near us we have a small Emmaus. I happened to go there the other day, the first time for months, they had several really nice tables, solid oak and so many buffets, with some paint they could be absolutely stunning for peanuts literally! Xx

          1. Emmaus is a charity. If you google it you will find out everything you need to know. Prices are really low and you can pick up some fabulous things, you just have to keep looking, especially brown furniture, which is big and old and heavy, ideal for restoration. Our one here is small which I actually prefer, we went to one once in the south that was so huge we were totally overwhelmed! Good luck, I am sure you will pick up several things, you will need lots of paint, so maybe best to make your own. The Plaster of Paris I picked up at our local Bricorama for just over 3 euros for a kilo box! Xx

  6. I love your before and after shots Susan! Stunning stunning job, are you sure you weren’t an interior designer in a previous life?!

    1. Ha ha, thanks so much Helen, I have no idea what I was in a previous life! But I do love messing around with interiors, it’s just a hobby, but one I thoroughly enjoy! xx

  7. Ah, we too have had a wonderful spring this week. But it’s business as usual tomorrow apparently, with plummeting temperatures, just as the children all break up. Still, our wisteria is showing signs of action, the bluebells (English, not Spanish, hurrah!) too, but we’ll have a bit of a wait for the lilac. And you are eating local asparagus already? Grrr. We’ll simply have to wait. I’ve enjoyed your diary entry this week, with news of all the seasonal pleasures. And I hope you all enjoy having your student daughter back with you, just for a while. xx

    1. Thanks so much Margaret, we are so enjoying having Izzi home, it makes the family complete. Yes tomorrow the temperatures are meant to lower, but I understand we will still be around 21C or so, which is quite respectable! The entire village seems to be wrapped in wisteria and the lilac is in blossom everywhere. There are asparagus stands beside the road everywhere. This afternoon we went to the beach, the girls even went swimming and on the way home we stopped and bought asparagus, 6 euros for two huge bundles, grown locally within ten minutes from us. I am not so keen on the white asparagus but now the green is being sold I am very happy! Hope it doesn’t get too chilly with you. xx

  8. Quite stunning, all those flowers and all those different sized eggs, can’t wait for the recipes next week. Lucky you, however, I am sure you more than deserve to be treated like the queen!

    1. Thanks Cassandra, I am not at all sure I deserve it but I do feel very very lucky! We are quite over run with eggs, I am trying to find people to give them away to as we have more than we can eat at the moment and the girls just keep on laying!! xx

  9. I am so glad you found those hallway before photos and it was very brave of you to show them, I always think revealing unstaged photos takes a lot of courage. You did a fantastic job. Now it is just made to show off all these wonderful flowers!

    1. Thanks so much. I wanted to show the photos before of the coats on the stand right in front of the stairs, but I just couldn’t find them! There are just the same number now, only they are in a far more sensible place and no longer obstruct the stairs and also they are no longer the first thing you notice when you walk in the door. All in all it has worked very well, we are supremely happy with it all xx

  10. Our spring is just beginning in northwestern Pennsylvania so reading your blog today was so refreshing. The wisteria and the bluebells with that blue light up the landscape. I enjoyed the before and after picture of your entryway. And I loved going on your little adventures. Thank you for a lovely blog.

    1. Thanks Peggy, now that your spring is beginning it will slowly gather pace. I find it always starts off slowly with little signs here and there and slowly builds up speed. Things are changing every day here and suddenly everywhere is so green. This week of really warm weather has brought everything on apace. Hope you have had a lovely weekend xx

  11. I didn’t realize bike riding was so big over there. I was with an organization that held a ride for charity and was surprised about how many Europeans came. Now I know. I envy your lilacs, as they do not grow in our hot climate.

    1. Cycling is huge here! It’s funny after I clicked publish this afternoon I had to pop out in the car and collect one of our daughter’s. On the way home we were diverted, why? because there was a cycle race taking place. It was the most beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and we stopped and watched nearly 100 cyclists come speeding past us. It would have made the most fantastic photo. Often I don’t have my camera with me but usually I have my phone, but on this occasion I had rushed out the house and had neither!! The lilacs are in bloom all over the village, the purple and also the white variety, the scent is heavenly. xx

  12. I’m so pleased to hear the chalk painting went well, you beat me to it! A friend made her own too & it worked perfectly. I still haven’t got round to painting my charity shop tables yet, had building work done in the bedroom on a damp wall, so flat is filled with dust! Love all your beautiful photos, the wisteria is just gorgeous. Have a lovely spring break with your family. x

    1. Janet, you gave me the idea and then another friend I have met through the blog sent me some photos of a few things she has painted with chalk paint. Between the two of you I was totally inspired to try it. So far I have only been boring and stuck to white, but now I know it works, I feel sure I shall try some colours next! So looking forward to spring break, I always love it when everyone is home from school xx

  13. Lovely photos of your home and garden. Spring is finally arriving in the Pacific Northwest after a long damp chilly winter. It seems we’ve been spoiled in recent years with mild winters and early warm springs; not this year! Last year we also had roses in full bloom in April. This year, only the daffodils and ubiquitous bluebells are in full bloom.

    1. Thank you Patricia, last year we had the very mild winter and then we had a cold April and May, this year we had a much harder winter and so it is wonderful to have such hot weather at the moment, it feels like a real treat. I am sure your spring will be gathering pace soon and will be in full swing. xx

    1. Thanks Carole, spring has certainly gathered pace here and flowers are blooming everywhere, the village and surrounding areas are all so green and so stunning, I just love this time of year xx

  14. Ahhhh……lovely, so lovely. Like many of your readers, it is the wisteria and the bluebells that especially catch my eye. And, the sight of the girls in the hammock having a swing and a chat. Oh, how lucky you all are to have Izzy home and cooking!! What a treat!! My daughter is a wonderful cook also and I miss her so much. She graduated from university last May and now lives in Boston. I know that I don’t have to tell you how precious every moment is of each child’s time living at home. Once they graduate, it is different-exactly as you all want it to be and normal and right but still different and a tiny bit melancholy for the mom and dad who miss them so much. We have a family trip gathering our three children and their SO’s soon which will be wonderful. Looking forward to the post of yummy Izzy and Roddy meals that is coming! XO

    1. Thanks so much Anne, I can tell you the wisteria still takes my breath away every single time I walk past it, which is about 50 times a day!! I really do know how precious it is having them home. As you say, at the moment I know Izzi comes home for school holidays, but she graduates in June and then I know it will be so different, but, as you so rightly say, at the same time we are so proud of them, we so want them to succeed and have their own lives. I find I really enjoy every single age, I adore babies and always will, but I love having the teenagers here, they are such fun and so full of energy. Hope you have a wonderful family trip, I am sure you will, those are the things to really look forward to. I have eaten so well this week! Can’t wait to share it. In the meantime enjoy what is left of the weekend xx

    1. It is stunning here Penny, we have had such fabulous weather and everything is looking so green and gorgeous, I do love this time of year. Last year it was unseasonably cold but so far this one has been gorgeous. Hope you have had a lovely weekend xx

  15. A most beautiful way to start my Sunday…well, maybe not exactly start because, as I wait for it to be time to go to church, I’ve been doing laundry, watering indoor plants, making tea for the fridge for my husband, and other things. Nonetheless, a relaxing (and slightly envious) start. You did a great job with the interior changes; they look lovely.

    Thanks for sending all the lovely scents of flowers. I’m off to finish laundry and have some breakfast. Blessings on your Sunday and week.


    1. Thanks Janet, your Sunday morning sounds very similar to mine, it’s never a case of just getting up and relaxing and doing nothing is it? But then I don’t think we would want it to be either. We actually went to the beach this afternoon and the girls swam it was so warm. The perfect end to a lovely weekend. Hope you have had a lovely Sunday xx

  16. Heaven on earth!!!!! Spring in central Canada is still grunting! Thank you for sharing bits of your life.

    1. Thank you Cynthia, I am sure once spring gets a firm hold it will gather pace and spread its wings. We had a very cold and wet spring last year so I rather feel we are making up for it this year! Hope you are having a lovely end to the weekend xx

  17. I agree with the first comment, from Shari, this has to be the perfect life. You capture it so beautifully and you write so poetically, thank you for sharing and have a blessed Sunday.

    1. Thanks Lisa, as I said to Shari, it is a wonderful lifestyle and we feel so lucky to be able to live here, but I can tell you there are always the usual errands and jobs and boring bits that happen wherever one lives! I just try and focus on all the fun bits!! xx

  18. Everyone else has said it all Susan…..the images are perfect. I can almost smell the flowers.
    I’m looking forward to the recipes.

    Ali xxx

    1. Thanks Ali, the scent is incredible here, in the house, in the garden and all around the village, everywhere we walk is filled with the heady scent of flowers. The food is also fantastic, as you know Izzi is a vegetarian so this would be right up your street, utterly delicious, I love being spoilt like this! xxx

  19. Absolutely love your blog and your photos !
    I can’t lie …… your lifestyle is enviable !
    Keep posting !!👏👏👏👏👏

    1. Thanks so much, it is a wonderful lifestyle and we feel so lucky to be able to live here, of course there are also all the usual boring everyday things too, I just try not to focus on those too much xx

  20. What a great series of photos, Susan – you have quite cheered Amy and I up after a bad day yesterday when we both lost our one and only annual £2 bet on the Grand National. Sigh. London parks are filling with colour, too. Soon it will be BBQ weather and then we’ll be nearly at Wimbeldon time. When will Gigi be there for the Juniors??

    1. Ha ha Simon, I had better not show this to G or she will write her own long reply, we have a few years to go yet! I saw the National had fabulous weather yesterday, I remember times when it has been snowing at Aintree, so it must have been a change for them to race in warm sunshine! BBQ weather here and beach weather too, the girls swam in the sea this afternoon and they weren’t the only ones, lots of people were swimming, but not me I hasten to add! Hope you had a good weekend xx

  21. How lovely your life is…but I think if we all took a camera/IPhone with the same vision as you, we might discover that we too have a lovely life. Merci.

    1. Thanks Holly, you know I think you are so right. Of course my life has all the usual boring things about it, bills, errands to run, not enough time, a house to clean, work etc etc., But I find since I started the blog that I look at things with fresh eyes, I stop and notice things that perhaps I hadn’t done before. Once we start looking at everything around us it is amazing how stunning things are. At least 25% of all my photos are snapped with my iPhone whilst I am on my travels, it is always with me and when I don’t have my camera comes in very useful indeed! Hope you have had a lovely weekend xx

  22. O, so you not only have beloved France, you have sun, blue skies! Here in Princeton NJ, we have mostly skies like the inside of vacuum cleaner bags. Weather cancels most hiking plans — not only wild rains but wild winds. Ah, but catastrophic climate change is a myth… I rejoice with you and thank you for sending to us!

    1. We are really lucky we have had a gorgeous April and a week of stunning weather. It has brought all the plants on a treat, the trees are virtually all in full leaf now and everywhere is so green. Climate change certainly does have much to answer for. I am sure you will have spring weather soon and then no doubt you will be much hotter than we are. Hope you have had a lovely weekend xx

  23. I can really get envy when looking at your lilac framed house with wisteria. And 28C….you are fare ahead of
    Andalucia. ..More than 85 percent of the earth’s plant species – many of which compose some of the most nutritional parts of our diet – require pollinators to exist…..very informative….didn’t know yet. Enjoy time with Izzi and her cooking
    skills… hasta la jueves

    1. I am quite in love with our wisteria, but it is everywhere around us too, everywhere we go we see fabulous wisteria in flower, draped over walls, climbing up houses, the colour is fabulous and the lilac trees are also in bloom all around the village, the scent is fantastic. It was so warm again today, we went to the beach and the girls went swimming, in fact lots of people were swimming, not me I hasten to add! xx

    1. Thanks so much Betsy, it has been so hot that I think the dogs have rather enjoyed their haircuts, it must have made it a great deal more comfortable for them. xx

  24. I shall be back tomorrow I hope…. were in Paris (no, not at the marathon…..), ate wonderful fish and chips, tartare sce, mushy peas and a ginger root beer…. and walked along the Canal de St Martin…. brilliant. now i need to take the heads off my trillions of ´finished’ daffs, narcissus and then a series of Selfridges!!!!!! good evening to you. A demain

    1. Ooh how I love tartare sauce with fish, but not mushy peas, that’s one English thing I have never taken to heart!! What a beautiful weekend to be in Paris, the weather has been so wonderful. The girls went swimming this afternoon, the sea was freezing to my mind, but lots of people were swimming, not me I hasten to add! Hope you enjoyed your evening, sounds perfect! A demain xx

      1. sorry, will have to postpone ‘more’ to tomorrow. Time is rushing I don’t know where – and I’m totally with you on mushy peas. It was a bit of a no starter as the mixed salad I ordered contained fresh coriander to which I’m hopelessly allergic. Because they couldn’t take the salad off the bill they offered mushy peas which I ate gratefully. They were still much better than the salad which would have made me ill ;(
        Tomorrow???? Thanks for your patience!
        And YES, high five for tartare sauce 🙂

        1. Don’t worry Kiki, I know just how you feel, I wish it would all slow down a little. We are on exactly the same page, mushy peas are a definite no but tartare sauce, yum, delicious! How strange that you have an allergy to coriander and difficult I can imagine at times and even more bizarre that they were not prepared to alter the bill! Tomorrow is another day, oh wait it’s only four minutes away, time to get some beauty sleep!! Xx

      2. feel awful…. another day has come and gone…. you were in my mind but my washing, hanging, ironing, some wonderful cooking, cleaning and gardening took up my day…. anyway, all this procastrination keeps you in my mind!!!!!! A demain? Again????? 🙂

        1. Ha ha, it really doesn’t matter at all. Stunning weather again. Our youngest is in your neck of the woods this week, she says the weather is lovely there too so hopefully you are enjoying lots of sunshine. A demain, maybe!! but then the next day it will be Thursday and time to start all over again!!! xx

  25. Thank you for making my day. I’m going to paint something, anything will do, as I’ve never used chalk paint. Found a table yesterday that will fit the bill. Thanks again.

    1. I love your attitude Alice! I had never used chalk paint before either, but I do love the finish. I still have a lot to learn. I understand that if you want a more distressed look it is easy to take a wet cloth, once the paint is dry and wipe it over, rubbing harder on areas where you want it to look more worn and used. I believe you do have to use a clear wax coat afterwards on anything that is going to get a lot of use. Hope you have fun! xx

  26. Your words have created magic for us!
    Not only can we almost inhale the divine aroma of those flowers,
    but we are filled with “Sunday” tranquility within(which hopefully will last all week!)
    Such a glorious time of year!
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much Natalia, as I am sitting here, wafts of scent from a vase of lilac flowers keeps reaching me, it is stunning. Hope you have had a wonderful peaceful and happy sunday and let’s hope it does last all week. xx

    1. Spring is gorgeous here, everywhere is now so green and with this incredibly warm weather flowers are emerging all over the place. It is such a beautiful time of year. Soon it will be equally so with you. Hope you have had a lovely weekend xx

  27. Your posts are truly a feast for the eyes. The colors of Spring in France cannot be beat in my eyes. Here in Michigan we are about 3 weeks behind you I think. Daffodils just started blooming yesterday and we are in for a warmer week albeit rainy. Spring break just finished for us so back to the grind tomorrow, but knowing that Spring is finally here is like a breathe of fresh air. Will be looking forward to our fresh asparagus in May. Yummo!

    1. Hi Amy, I don’t envy you back to the grind of school tomorrow! I hate having to get back into that routine after the holidays. Good luck! I am sure your spring will gather pace quickly. I bought asparagus on the way home from the beach today, it is such a short season and we just have to enjoy as much as we can of it, whilst we can! xx

  28. I love lingering on each photo! Your pictures are beautiful, but you have an especially beautiful location, too. I look forward to your posts. Enjoy your week.

    1. Thanks Mandy, yes it is lovely here, but I truly do believe there is beauty in nature everywhere, sometimes we just have to look for it. I hope you have had a lovely weekend and have a great week ahead xx

  29. Dear Susan, This has to be the most perfect day to share your Spring photos of the beautiful French countryside. I woke this morning to a huge pile of snow that had laid during the night and covered the flowering trees and yards. It still is very beautiful however and Spring can truly be so tricky but I will take the lovely blue skies and warm breezy days when I can get them knowing that Summer will be hot and dry. (I live in mountainous and desert climate here in the Salt Lake City are of Utah U.S.A). I will be flipping back and forth in your blog and enjoying the beauty of your Spring photos. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful week.
    xoxo Joanne

    1. Hi Joanne, thanks for giving me a little insight into your climate, it sounds very dramatic and beautiful and at least you know you will get a hot summer once it arrives, although I imagine the weather can be really tricky for gardening, it sounds like a climate of extremes. As you probably know I love snow, but now I am ready for spring. Last year we had an unseasonably cold and wet April and May, so it is lovely to have such warmth so early this year, everywhere is so green and so beautiful. Stay warm, enjoy the snow and I am sure you will be eating outdoors and be wearing summer clothes in no time at all! xx

  30. How I love your diary type posts, you transport us all for a while to your wonderful oasis and I feel as if I am a friend. Thank you so much

    1. I am so glad you enjoy these little diary posts, I actually love sharing them from time to time, it’s just a lovely way of giving you an update as to the simple things that are happening around here and spring has been so gorgeous this year. Hope you have had a lovely weekend xx

  31. One of the many reasons I love reading your blog is that I get to enjoy the opposite seasons in the Northern Hemisphere through your beautiful posts. You bring it to life with your words. Finally, finally after 28 C on the weekend and two months of ridiculous warm days today I have Autumn!

    1. Thanks Ann Maree, I know you are looking forward to Autumn just as much as we are loving the start of spring. After months of hot weather I can really appreciate how much you are longing for those cool nights. It’s one of those questions we always ask ourselves around the table here, and one that always sparks a debate, which would you rather be, too hot or too cold? Enjoy your Autumn! Xx

  32. Your wisteria is amazing. That color is so intense, and I can only imagine the fragrance. Our lilac hasn’t bloomed yet, but we’ve had a lovely weekend of sunshine.
    The motorists are always so much better with bicyclists in France than they are here in the U.S. It’s a delight to ride in France. Want to come join in with Dreaming of France? Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

    1. Everywhere is in full bloom here, there is wisteria at every turn, draped over walls, climbing up the side of houses it just looks stunning and the lilac, both purple and white varieties literally perfume the village. I shall go over to the blog now. Glad you had a lovely weekend of sunshine too, it is set to be gorgeous here all week I believe. Xx

  33. A double thanks and big smile wending their way from Australia: thank you for sharing your spring with us . . . . I also can’t go past the lilac and wisteria photos. Nor those of the cyclists . . . road cycling been my favourite spectator sport. Well, I guess they all are very hard at practice what with Paris-Roubaix yesterday and 21 days of Giro d’Italia next month: a spate of wonderfully thrilling no-sleep nights ahead for me. Have to see how close they get to you in July for the Tour 🙂 ! As Francesca commented we have had our first cold spell and my heaters have had to be turned on for the season . . . oh well . . .

    1. Yesterday, after I had posted the blog I had to go and collect one of our daughter’s from a friend’s house. On the way home, we were diverted by a group of efficient men in yellow fluorescent jackets because there was a bike race taking place. We stopped and waited, it was the most perfect day, not a cloud in the sky and 28C. We watched nearly 100 cyclists come speeding past, their faces deathly serious. YOu would have loved it. Enjoy your Autumn weather, I know you will be looking forward to it and relishing the cooler days and nights just as we are loving this warm spring weather. We are happy to turn the heating off in the same way that you are happy to be able to turn it on! Xx

  34. Chalk paint! Now there’s a an idea for some bits and pieces I have stored away, Susan! Brilliant! So pleased you have spring blooming down your end, I think we’re a week or two away from the same up here. I hope you have a great week with the weather and thanks for the pictorial feast

    1. Thanks Phil, chalk paint is very easy to use and one of the best things is you don’t have to do the usual prep work on the piece you are painting, no sanding down necessary, just wipe it clean and off you go! A beautiful week is forecast here, although a little cooler. Enjoy Spring on the water, the best place to be! Xx

    1. Thanks so much Helen, I love taking photos of any church. I am not sure why but I was so excited to find we could see our church in our village from our garden, for some reason that made it feel very special! Xx

    1. Yes it really has Karen, the weather is gorgeous and the grass and trees and flowers are growing at a furious rate, everywhere looks fantastic, there is so much to love about this time of year! Xx

    1. I simply adore lilacs, they grow in the semi wild here, no doubt someone at some stage planted them and left them in places but the whole village is awash with the scent of lilacs, both whites and purples, they are so fabulous. Xx

    1. Thanks so much. There are so many times that I have wanted to photograph the groups of cyclists but I am nearly always on my own when I see them so it is impossible, by chance one of our daughter’s was with me and she was able to grab my phone and snap away! xx

  35. Your wisteria is amazing. Oh gosh, I must get one! Hopefully down here I should be safer from late frosts. The traffic has increased in Devon too. We were out and about yesterday and it took an age to get anywhere.

    1. I understand that wisteria doesn’t flower until it is at least 15 years old! I would think you would be safe from late frosts there, we have a smaller bright pink wisteria which is only just coming into flower now, a month or so later! Lots of tourists around here, I think the gorgeous weather is bringing them this way, but I am happy for all of those that depend on tourism for their livelihoods. I remember Devon roads in the summer!! xx

  36. I have too much to say…. I can’t cover 10% of the enjoyable photos….
    The scorpion vetch!
    The French Lilacs, as we called them in Oregon, the dark color that you also have!
    The wisteria and friends!!!!
    Incredible Spring beauty, charm, warmth, and hygge.
    Thank you!!!

    1. Spring is incredible, I think more than ever it makes us appreciate just how fabulous nature is and how life just keeps on going. Hope you have a wonderful, happy and peaceful Easter xxx

    1. Summer is wonderful here and Spring too, this is such a gorgeous time of year, watching everything come to life, but I am sure it is the same with you too. Spring is gorgeous everywhere. Xx

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