The Family Kitchen



I took a long time coming up with this simple title; I tossed all sorts of things around, French Country Kitchen, Farmhouse Kitchen, but none seemed to fit the bill. You see, although we live in an old farmhouse, I don’t consider our’s a true farmhouse kitchen like the type I grew up in; in fact our kitchen doesn’t resemble anything from my childhood at all. I toyed with the idea of a French Country Kitchen, as we are after all in France and living in the country, but still I wasn’t convinced. So finally I settled on a compromise; The Family Kitchen. For this is exactly what our kitchen is. Read more

Fifty Shades of Grey

p4940636The freezing weather of last week has been replaced by rain. For much of this week the village has been shrouded in low lying clouds. As the thermometer rose on Monday so an assortment of grey skies moved in and took up residence, all fifty shades of them! But it’s only a temporary stay, as supposedly cold air from the Arctic is coming to visit at the weekend.

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Cold Weather and January Days


I’ve heard quite a few local sayings about the weather this week: “If it’s mild at Christmas, then the vegetable crop will be poor in the spring.” “If it’s cold at New Year, then it will be warm in June.” They both basically mean the same thing; it seems we need cold weather now to ensure balmy spring temperatures that will lead to a bountiful crop from the kitchen garden in a few months time. Read more

A Fun Competition with a French Flavour

p49402502017, how did you come around so quickly? The children are back at school, and I’m not sure who is feeling sadder, them or me. The decorations have but one more day and then they will be boxed up and put back in the barn for another year. But you know what, I have a fabulous feeling this is going to be a good year, an awesome year, hopefully for the world and mankind too.

Sometimes after so many festivities it’s easy for this first month of the year to seem a little dull, we can feel a bit flat. December is full of anticipation and excitement, February we have skiing to look forward to, and as it’s a short month anyway we quickly get into March, and then, well, we’re in spring mode and there’s no holding us back. But January can be a little tricky, so to chase away those Janvier blues I thought it would be fun to start off the New Year with some light hearted entertainment. A fun competition.

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A Christmas Story – Part II & A Happy New Year To You All


Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan! I had a great post lined up for today but I haven’t managed to take all the photos, I’ve been having far too much fun with the family. So for once I told myself it was ok. We’ve been walking and running and cycling. We’ve eaten delicious meals and cooked so much food. We’ve sat around a roaring fire chatting. We’ve been gardening, a little bizarre at the end of December but the weather is gorgeous. We haven’t done anything remotely glamorous or travelled any distance but we have had such a good time, all of us, together, just enjoying my favourite holiday of the year. So I changed plans and I am giving you the final part to my Christmas story. I really hope you enjoy it. Read more

A Short Christmas Story


There was something of a glitch with my last post for which I sincerely apologise. However, many of you found a way around it and still managed to read the post, well done and thank you! If you were unsuccessful you can see it again here! But now, moving on, it’s Christmas week, and getting into the festive spirit I hope you will have time to relax and read my two part Christmas story, as you probably know by now, I love writing these and I can’t wait to share the second half with you next week; but first part one! Read more