Just Another Sunday!

Thank you so much for all of your fabulous comments, private emails and messages in response to last weeks post. Honestly, I was overwhelmed by the good wishes and the encouragement. It was very humbling to read how much the blog means to so many of you. I promise I will answer each and every one of you in turn. But now I find it is Sunday again, how do the weeks turn around so fast? The days fly by merging into one another. Most importantly I wanted to write again this week. Just a few short words and a lot of photos.

The weather’s been strange, after the heatwave of March, April has remained dry and sunny but the warm southerly breeze has been replaced by a biting north easterly wind, the termpearture has dropped by at least 10 degrees celsius and we’re wrapping up warm once again. We’re also crying out for rain, the farmers are irrigating their crops and we’re watering anything in tubs several times a week. Indeed, much of the country’s famous wine harvest seems to have been irretrievably damaged by late frosts for the this season, too.

It’s still full steam ahead on the house and guest cottage with things coming along at an impressive pace. We’re reaching that fabulous stage when we can start to work on the finishing touches, the fun part!

However today, it is Sunday and whilst I left my patient and ever fabulous husband bent double under the kitchen sink, finishing the plumbing, cursing as he hits his head for the umpteenth time, we, the girls, (for Jack is still in Bordeaux at University), headed out with the dogs. We’d planned a real hike, a 10km circuit we’d seen marked out on the notice board by the river and son – armed with a thermos of soup, a crusty baguette and some water for both two and four legged people – we set off heading out of the village down familiar roads past stunning grand riverside homes built for wealthy shipbuilders in the 19th century.

There is always some excitement with new paths to tread and new sights to see.

One thing we have noticed since we have been here is how so many more people walk and cycle. We went from one village to the next and then headed out into the woods. We had honestly no idea quite where we were going but the footpaths were well sign posted and we had no problem finding our way.

Emerging back through the woods we came to a small clearing and then stumbled across this beautiful stone cottage, isn’t it just gorgeous? Then from there we headed home, back to the riverside Bourgois homes.

14 thoughts on “Just Another Sunday!

  1. What a marvelous outing, Susan! I really enjoyed coming along and that last stone “cottage” is just wonderful. A bit more my size that the other “homes” in the earlier photos. 🙂


  2. We love seeing your walks. Its exciting exploring new areas.
    The last house is just what we love. Is it for sale ?

  3. Huh, Susan ! Can the pups’ short little legs really manage 10 kilometres or is it a case of their travelling in rucksacks on your backs for the second half ? Love the new walks we too can enjoy . . . altho’ but a few kilpmetres away from your previous home there is a delightful French formality of straight roads and paths and most homes obviously built for those who could afford. Whereas just a little cottage would suffice for self these days do so love for the wealthy Gallic charm displayed by the others . . . Selfishly shall be dying to see your new gite . . . and those restaurants just a hop and a skip away . . . .be happy, be well . . . oh, I love to keep up with Gigi too . . .

  4. Read your post first thing this morning – a wonderful start to my day 😃. Thank you so much!

  5. I just love reading of your life in France – I’ve book marked your cottage as one day I hope to pay you a visit – till then please keep blogging so I can see pictures of beautiful France 🇫🇷

  6. Honestly, this looks SO enchanting! Is the beautiful stone house your new home? I seem to have seen this gorgeous ‘demeure’ more than once just ‘now’ – or maybe it has itself imprinted in my mind and heart already….
    I cannot imagine the hard work and maybe also the heartbreak in a way of moving. You even brought the stones of your former home to the new garden! And all those plants… poor Roddy! The first time I looked through the pics I also admired your stone sink, the sink of dreams…. and guess what, we had such a huge double sink of ‘unthinkable’ weight in the basement of our house in France. I still push out a sigh when I look at the joke of a sink in our rental appt now in Switzerland.
    Young doggie is growing and I want him more than ever…. Is G still doing her tennis? Or are these dreams in tatters now, more than one year after the beginning of C19? Or shouldn’t I ask?
    I shall VERY much look forward to your further plans. I also VERY much hope that we might, somewhere in the future, join you again, at your new nest, with all the benefits you listed. Sounds totally to our taste. No car needed, everything at hand….. Yep, here we come!
    Sending you oodles of love, smiles and lorries full of courage, strength and joy.

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