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I really hope you have enjoyed reading our story as much as we have enjoyed writing it. That is why we are not stopping, but changing things to make them all the better.

But this is just a little reminder that in order to continue to receive our newly designed blog, from now on known as our “newsletter” you will have to sign up HERE with your email. It will no longer be published here on the blog.

As I said things are changing, if you read this last week then I apologise for repeating myself, I just don’t want you to miss out. There will be, starting next Saturday the 4th September, a new monthly newsletter which will replace this. It will come out direct to your emails the first Saturday of each month unless there is a holiday or exceptional circumstances when we might have to change the date or add an additional newsletter as well.

The entire concept is that it will be more in the form of a chatty letter or email to a friend. News of what we have been doing, at home, around our area, even further afield in France and news of the family, the children and of course the dogs and cats!

Then there will be sections, with a title that you can click on to read more. A monthly seasonal recipe, which will always be what we are cooking, eating and enjoying.

There will be news of special vintage and antique French items for sale, Brocante.

Perhaps some property news of our favourite houses and all sorts of other things. Each month will be different, so that it doesn’t get boring.

We like to think it will be more like a mini magazine that you can dive into to read a section when you feel like it and then come back to it if you want to learn more.

We really hope this new improved format will be far more enjoyable for all of you and cannot wait to get started. If you haven’t already done so, and a great many of you have, please do sign up so that you don’t miss anything. You can sign up direct on our website HERE.

And don’t forget you can follow along with daily photos, stories and little bits of news on our Instagram too.

See you next week, Susan xx

Instagram: @ourfrenchoasis

10 thoughts on “Don’t Forget – Sign Up for the New Newsletter

  1. Anything coming from ‘your way’ has always been and, am certain, will always be a very welcome break in a say . . . . have missed your inevitable absences during the past few years . . . but your darling budding tennis star daughter has kind’a ‘made up’ for it . . . that young lady is a pleasure to follow . . . best . . . and trust my subscription renewal did go thru’ 🙂 !!!

  2. I do hope that your newsletter will also include your wonderful photos of your area. I very much enjoy those too!

  3. I enjoy reading your blog, and have signed up for your newsletter. However, I do not really enjoy getting email after email in my box and so many people are asking for email addresses. Blogs are much easier to click in and out of. This is just my opinion, and I do look forward to reading your missives.

  4. Lorrie and Susan; I agree – and what’s more (and important to me); we no longer can comment to all and sundry, we no longer can read what others think and express, and all the communication will be totally one-sided as you, dear Susan, won’t reply individually to us readers. For me not a plus but rather a deception.
    Also, you have been asked if you’ve kept your ‘old’ house and the gîte – again, no news – or alternatively, are you doing rentals in your new property?
    I know very well how much additional work the rentals mean but please let ppl at least know what is going on.
    As always, your photos and tales are most interesting. I personally am also still interested to know how Tennis Wonder Girl is doing, how your fabulous children are getting on, although it’s of course entirely up to you on How much you’d like to share or not. It’s a bit like leaving old friends in the void – and Jeez, I know it happens, everywhere and all the time.
    I have a teeny-tiny micro garden plot of about 2x4m and of ‘all’ my seedlings of 7 diff. tomatos, 2 cucumbers and one squash, I was left (after horrible rain storms, cold, wind and what-have-you) with a glorious harvest of up to now 3 cucumbers, zero squash and 5-6 micro tomatos…. all the toms are pulled out, we saw that no good came from them, the squash was staying at a steady length of about 40cm with nothing to grow on it, and one cucumber also died right in the ‘flooding’…. We can’t have a growth tunnel or anything as we are renting. Already having this micro garden was a heavy fight and I wouldn’t do that again.
    Keep well, happy and healthy. Love, much love from Switzerland, Kiki

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