Thank You and a Little Explanation

Thank you all so much for so many lovely emails and the fabulously positive response to our first newsletter, it’s been so encouraging. Our next monthly newsletter will be out next Saturday the 9th, delayed by a week due to a rather stressful time with our youngest Jack Russell, Pixel. We’ve been fighting with the vet to save his sight in both eyes and have spent over a week going back and forth to La Rochelle and the veterinarian there who is an eye specialist, a referral from our usual vet. But at the moment things are looking a little better and more hopeful and I will keep you posted, we don’t know the cause yet and neither does the vet.

Most of all what I want you to understand even more is the reason for the change from the blog to the newsletter. There was one comment that made me feel as if perhaps I had not explained well enough and I felt as if I was letting you all down, which I really don’t want to do. I fully understand that one of the things you will miss from the blog is the comments and the interaction, but I felt I had to change things.  The reason being mostly that I was starting to feel so hideously guilty for reading everyone’s comments and not having the time to reply, that to me felt so rude when someone had taken the time to write and I didn’t answer. I worried about it constantly and felt so bad. If I do something I have to do it properly or not at all.

The truth is a blog post takes way longer to put together than people realise, it takes hours and hours. Going out taking photos, then making sure the photos are good, sorting through them, writing, putting it all together, not to mention the driving to where I want to write about and the research. I got nothing out of it financially, just pure pleasure and loved every second of it. But now I work full time with the property business and we have the gite as well which we are expanding into occasional breakfast baskets and luxury weekend retreats and the brocante shop and also a family and a home and I don’t have the time, I’m already working most nights until 1am as it is. So I felt the newsletter was a much better way forward, so that I didn’t let anyone down.

In addition to the blog I also get hundreds of emails and private messages each week and I always answer every single one. It all takes a lot of time, it’s the admin behind the scenes that no one thinks about.

I shall try and keep everyone informed of everything on a monthly basis as well as I can, the next newsletter is coming together well and I’m rather excited about it. Having a month to prepare, to work through things is a big breakthrough and I know it’s the way forward. Of course I shall bring you more news of Pixel next Saturday when I hope we will have some more answers. Until then I hope this helps you to understand a little more and have a wonderful weekend.

Susan xx

18 thoughts on “Thank You and a Little Explanation

  1. Thank you for your wonderful newsletter and the time you give to share your life with us! I love it and hope you will continue, but do take care of yourself and your time.
    Sending my best from South Carolina!

  2. I will miss you very much.
    But life changes and we all need to move on and begin new adventures.
    Bon courage and remember you have an open invitation to come visit us in Vence.
    Bisous😘 (from one ex-blogger to another)

  3. Thank you for the time and effort you put into reaching out to everyone. As someone who has spent more than 50 years living, working, and traveling in France, your photos, comments, discoveries, and musings remind me of my own experiences. There is no reason to feel any remorse, just continue celebrating the life you are living and sharing it with us.

  4. You are very kind and very gifted!! Thank you. Think of comments like the audience applause at a performance.
    There is no response necessary but the audience is showing their appreciation for your performance.

  5. I’ll have to admit to my ignorance, but I am unsure of the difference between a Blog and a Newsletter – other than the time it takes to compose I gather. Personally I am quite happy to receive either down here in the Antipodes, as it makes me feel less cut off from the world at large and way more aware of the values we share and the differences we each experience. So thank you.

    1. I have always been amazed how you managed to do it all You are a marvel
      Well done and best wishes for Pixel xx

  6. I love any communications you have the time for but feel very guilty now when I comment on a post or story on IG! I would never expect a reply x

  7. Thank you are all your time and effort with the blog and now newsletter. I could not imagine having to answer 100’s of private messages and emails each week. Take care of yourself and your family first. Best wishes for a solution for your sweet dog.

  8. Thank you for your explanation. You shouldn’t need to explain. When I comment to yours or anyone else’s I never expect a response. Hope your Pixel makes a good recovery.

  9. A little homework is in order for me – I did subscribe to the newsletter but never received one . . . and I surely would hate to miss out for the second time ! So looking forwards to it . . . and, best of luck in your endeavours !!

    1. Susan – tried to resubscribe only to be told I was already on the list . . . so I do not understand why I did not receive last month’s newsletter 🙂 !!!

  10. Susan, I never received the first newsletter even though I signed up. Is it possible to send me a link of resend it to me?



    You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. C. S. Lewis


  11. Der Susan,

    Merci for your newsletter last evening – it is always a real pleasure to hear from you.
    Please do not ever feel as thought you are letting your followers down in any way or for any reason – we are ever so grateful to you for sharing your life in France and allowing us to dream a little and travel a little from our homes far away. it is an absolute joy to read your words and imagine we are strolling down the little lanes of your village and popping into the boulangerie, saying “Bonjour Madame, une baguette, s’il vous plait”!!!
    It is also wonderful that your life is taking you on many new adventures – bon chance, and we look forward to hearing of your success whenever you are able to find the time to share with us your stories.
    Bisous, et merci,
    Susie xoxox

  12. Oh Susan, apologies are not necessary. I need a vacation just reading about all you have going on. Wishing you all the best-I’ll be looking forward to your newsletters in the future. Healing energy sent your way for cutie pie, Pixel. Hope your specialist is able to save his vision. We’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

  13. Dear Susan,
    I wish you great success in all your endeavors; time goes by so quickly in a da, esp. when it is a busy day. I think that I speak for all your readers……”We just love following your activities and stories”.
    I will be perfectly happy without a reply to my comment. And I totally understand your decision.

    I look forward to reading your newsletter and finding out more about your Gite and further activities.
    I, for one, want to find out about Pixel and pray she is healing. Your animal family is near and dear to my heart and I am sure others feel that too.

    Right now, I find much joy in pretending that I can plan a trip overseas. Life with uncertainties has
    been a difficult adjustment. I want travel to return to my life, so YES, please continue to give us a monthly report. Love to you and all of your family.

  14. Prayers for little Pixel. Always so stressful when your pup is ill. Best Wishes on all your new endeavors. Thank you for all the content you put out here. I appreciate hearing about your family, work, and the pet family, too. Love to all.

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