The Grape Harvest

P7730394If you are in the midst of the serious wine growing regions of Bordeaux at the moment you will likely notice that the vineyards are a hive of activity – it’s that time of year when the annual grape harvest is underway. Slightly further up the Atlantic coast in a small hamlet last weekend, an equally momentous grape harvest took place.  Read more

Are You Superstitious ?

IMG_2186I can remember my childhood as if it was yesterday.  I grew up on a farm and amongst many happy memories of life there are also many recollections of my adventures with mice, furry little creatures that obviously go hand in hand when there is plenty of grain lying around – not just in the huge barns where it was stored, but also in the feed-bins for the cattle and horses. However, what I could never manage to do was to come to terms with their existence. They terrified me as a child and they continue to do so today. There is a certain scream, that I have apparently perfected, that Roddy knows so well. It can  mean only one thing, that there is a mouse in the house and life is going to take on a very sharp downward spiral. Read more

Summer’s End or Not??

P7730197It’s that time of year that always seems to be a bit of a muddle as far seasons are concerned. If you stick to the astronomical calendar then it is still summer for another couple of weeks. If you listen to the gardeners and follow the meteorological system then we have moved into Autumn. Read more

A Holiday at Home in France


We can’t always get away on vacation, much though a recharging of the batteries is desperately required, other factors come in to play and we cannot leave. But, then, why would we want to, we live in one of the most popular holiday destinations in France, mostly frequented by Parisians and the French, with a handful of in-the-know Brits, Belgians, Dutch, Germans and other lucky people! Read more

Millie’s Adventures: The Mountains

Hello all! Millie here, back for another little round of storytelling, this time about my recent adventures hiking in the Pyrenees. You may remember my blog post about my slightly catastrophic but equally hilarious attempt at doing a training hike back in April with Hetty and my dad – this is what I was training for!


Read more

I’m Sorry I Went Quiet


I’m sorry I was silent for a couple of weeks. I tried so hard to find the time to take some photos and scribble a few lines, but I failed. With the children on holiday and friends visiting and work calling there are precious few spare hours in the day. You are not the only ones I had to neglect, I ignored the garden too, but thankfully there really wasn’t much to do anyway. It’s been so hot and so dry that nothing is growing. But in the same way that the garden stayed on my mind, and I watered the vegetables and pots religiously every night, so I thought of you all and knew I had to find the time to get back in touch today. The truth is I missed you. So here are a few lines about summer, why I just love it so much and why, even though I am busier than ever, it is so important to find an hour each day to enjoy something special, even if it is just a stroll around the garden! Read more

A Taste of Summer

P7680401I have to start this with an apology. I feel I have been rather distant and remiss of late, but I promise it’s just a start of summer sort of thing. The children are on holiday, everyone has been here, there and everywhere and I have been rather pulled in every possible direction; super busy yes, but absolutely loving it all the same! As you know, last week I was in San Marino with our youngest daughter and wow, what a country! Read more