Audrey & other tales from the French Countryside by Susan Hays

I hope you are all taking a little time to relax. It probably won’t be the same for most people but I hope you are able to enjoy some special time.

I also hope that you might find a few quiet moments to curl up with a good book and to take time for yourselves.

I am so incredibly excited to finally announce the publication of my first book with Kindle. It’s a collection of 8 short stories based here in France. It has taken so much planning and an enormous amount of effort to get to this stage. I take my hat off to everyone who has written a book and self published, because now I know what you have gone through!

If you would like to buy a copy here is the link, it is available on Amazon around the world. Please enjoy, leave a review and escape to France with us and most of all HAVE A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS. Susan xx

Audrey & other tales from the French Countryside by Susan Hays


  1. You must be thrilled Susan – congratulations ! Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year to you all. Here’s to a better 2021. xx

  2. Such exciting news, Susan, and the perfect Christmas present! I pray that you and your family enjoy a relaxing, happy, and blessed Christmas despite all the challenges the year has presented. The Reason for Christmas remains the same no matter the circumstances and is more needed this year than ever.


    1. Indeed, Janet. We all remarked that this Christmas was very different to many others before. It certainly felt far more unified than normal. I hope you enjoyed the book, and I wish you a much happier 2021 XX

  3. A warm and enjoyable Christmas Day to you and all your family . . . my the current difficult days slowly disappear as the days pass . . . Congratulations on your book . . . shall wait for it to be in a different format . . .

    1. Hello Eha, thank you for the best wishes – wishing you lost back in return! I have the book in a PDF if you would prefer that. We may have a paperback version soon….. best of luck for 2021 XX

  4. Congratulations! I love your stories and have purchased the ebook. Would love a hard copy; is there one in the works?

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