Rain, Floods, Water

It’s been a week of intense floods here in south west France. So many people have had lots of snow and I have to admit I’ve been more than a little jealous of the gorgeous squares I’ve seen all over Instagram! Stunning photos of incredibly pretty scenes, with perfect powder snow on rooftops and branches. But here we’ve had to contend with icy cold rain and then even more rain, not even a hint of the white stuff in the forecast. I love snow, but I hate the cold. Here we’re normally so mild that the past couple of winters we haven’t even had a frost. This year has been a little different in more ways than one!

We have never seen our village under so much water. Fortunately the worst of the flooding was in the low lying part of the village, farmland where there are a few very old buildings but no inhabited homes.

Route Barrée, literally translated as route blocked became a common sight wherever we went.

This photo above is the entrance to a wonderful park with a car park at the very end nestled amongst the trees. No cars are going to be entering for a while. And this house below in Port d’Envaux, shows how the River Charente has risen well up into the walled garden. Fortunately here the river floods to the other side and the village is spared.

And then just like that we woke yesterday to the weak rays of sunshine filtering in through the house. Not a cloud in sight, instead a pale blue sky looking innocently calm.

And so today, not content with the amount of water that has surrounded us in recent days we headed to the coast. It’s just a short drive and no matter how still the weather is at home there is always a keen wind blowing in from the Atlantic at this time of year on the beach. Enough to totally blow away the cobwebs and bring a rosy glow to the cheeks. There’s something about walking along a beach, somehow it makes everything seem just that little bit better.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend wherever you are and whatever the weather, summer in the Southern Hemisphere or winter here. But above all Stay safe xx

22 thoughts on “Rain, Floods, Water

  1. I am sorry for all the flooding that your area is having to endure. Parts of Portland will join you in that plight as the snow and ice that has covered the ground here since last Wednesday night starts melting sometime within the next 24 hours. It may be a very sudden and fast melt. Mother Nature is certainly giving us warnings as climate change manifests in increasingly frequent extremes of weather.

  2. Hello Hello, Thank you for the post! Flooding is the worst; I used to live in York, England, and every year people were affected and it was so tough to go through.But this looks like nobodies home and businesses were affected which is such a blessing. Here in California we are still keeping safe and inside because of covid, dreaming of being able to travel again, and go overseas to see family,go anywhere else than being at home! It has been 11 months now for us my husband and I being mostly inside.Very grateful nobody in our families has got sick. Love the beach for walking and for blowing the cobwebs away. I like to do that and go home and make a real good soup something hearty and warming and we light a fire:) Be well. Love your posts friend!

  3. There have been floods in Haute-Vienne (Limousin). gardens, cellars, and some living rooms.
    The Vienne has subsided so things are better. Thank you for your wonderful newsletter.

  4. So sorry about all the floods, but beautiful photos of the area. We’ve had such a mild winter so far, but the past two days we’ve been inundated with snow. It’s beautiful and I’m loving it. Have a good week.

  5. We are going to get 3-7 inches of snow with single digits and lots of ice through Saturday. Very unusual for this part of Texas.

  6. These scenes stop me in my tracks! My beloved France, under siege from the elements to this degree. I agree, I’d much rather see, live through, watch fall, look out upon snow. But here in Lawrenceville NJ, when I walked to la boite aux lettres today, snow piles were as high as my knees and waist on either side of the sidewalk, and higher than my car, even my head, at corners. It’s so weird trying to drive when you can’t see over the piles and there might be black (invisible) ice on the road one is about to enter, in case anyone’s coming and needs to brake. So much for us to bear, in your setting and ours — but you are right – if I could walk along a beach with wind in my hair, everything would feel magical again… I salute your courage, l’esprit! cfe

  7. Sorry about all the flooding. Cold and rainy is the worst weather in my opinion. Sunshine, no matter what the temperature makes everything better. How lucky that you don’t live far from the ocean. Thanks for the captivating photos.

  8. You have provided a wonderful photographic view of the flooding. The sight of so much water quite overwhelms me when we are so desperate for rain! Still, it is good to see that rain still falls somewhere 🙂

  9. Oh, dear, sorry to read about the flooding but glad it mostly missed homes and businesses. You did get some wonderful photos. I understand about getting out and going to the beach even if it meant seeing more water. 🙂 Hopefully you’ll get some sunshine now and thing will start to dry out. Any vaccination news yet? I finally got my parents their first shot last week and the people working there asked if I wanted mine, too. Easy question to answer! We got back for our second shots in early March and my husband just got signed up for his first shot today. He’ll get it next weekend. What a relief!


  10. Strangely we have had the same exact weather here in South Carolina in the States -freezing rain, flood warnings and gray, dismal days. I’m glad that your home and village were safe! Here’s to Spring!

  11. OMG – that truly looks awful and my heart is contracting with sorrow for the damage the elements caused. Although I’m glad you were spared worse. It’s strange to see this only more than 2 months later ‘thanks’ to Wp having struck us from the subscribers list. In future, I really need to check more frequently when I don’t see any news from dear friends. But although I think VERY frequently of you all, I also thought that you had enough to worry about w/o writing blog posts too! I hope you can forgive the lack of comments from my side.

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