Two Words: “For Sale”

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Those two simple words “For Sale” can turn our lives around, especially when the sign is small and hand-written in the depths of the French countryside. It doesn’t even seem to matter for me what it is for sale –  “À Vendre” has me daydreaming. I can see a wooden board propped against a vintage car and I imagine driving it. A sign against some antique chairs outside someone’s house and I envision where I will put them. And something in the window of a building and immediately I’m planning it’s renovation!



When we were skiing in the Pyrenees last month we all fell in love with the house we were staying in, so much so that we wanted to know more. I was especially keen to learn if they had done the renovation themselves and I also wanted to know more about the history of the property for it had an immense amount of charm. After many emails back and forth with the owners, I am excited to be able to share with you the details of this renovation, including some fabulous ‘before and after’ photos. The house was originally a shepherd’s hut, hence the name “La Bergerie”, and aside from a place to shelter from the snow or as a lover’s secret hideaway (more of which later) it was not really habitable. This was not a project for the faint hearted!


But one thing could not be altered; the stunning views.


Marie and Pascal did much of the work themselves, as she explains. I deliberately asked her to reply in English for the benefit of everyone here, and I think you will all agree her English is excellent, despite the fact she claims it is not!


First of all, when did you buy the house?

We bought our house in November 2013, but we saw it for the first time months ago, so we have been dreaming in what we could be able to do with it and also calculating if we were able to pay it and make the renovation.


Was it always your plan to buy somewhere that required complete renovation?

My husband and I always wanted to buy a house closed to a ski resort as we love so much skiing (my husband oganise a lot of skicross and freestyle skiing contests and my father was “Chasseur Alpin” when he began his officer military career) so we always love the mountains with my husband, and much more the Pyrenees and Barèges. We love so much the old houses, and we really wanted to buy a barn as we think it is the most authentic to have good time at the mountain and it is very warm and “cocooning”, it was for us evident to buy something to renovate as we don’t like the “modern” constructions.

Did you choose the village and location and then search for a suitable property, or did the property find you?

We always want to buy something closed to Barèges, so we have been searching for long months (about 2 years) and when we saw la Bergerie for the first time, we had “LE COUP DE COEUR” for the house, the village, the view and the location, as it is very difficult to find a barn which is not lost in the moutain, la Bergerie is in the village of Sers so it is very uncommon.

When was the original property built?

It was built in 1750! When we bought it, there was tons of hays into it, and 1 year before, it still had some lambs coming ! What is very funny is that there was a telephone into the house, people from the village told us that, long years ago, it was the only telephone of Sers ! Into the hay, we have also found a lot of things, I think a lot of lovers were coming !

There was obviously a huge amount of work required to turn this into a habitable home, how long did it take you to do all the work?

We have been renovating the house during 2 years with my husband and some friends and family, all the week-ends and holidays were for the house during 2 years ! Except the masonry, plumbing and electricity, we made all the rest !! Floors, painting, bathrooms, including the “twin bed” was made by my husband ! The table near the fireplace was originaly the shutter of the big bedroom, and the TV table was an old door of the barn ! So we made everything, even the bar was made by a friend of us !

Did you employ an architect or other designers?

We didn’t employ any architect as I work in an architecture office, so I only made the plans for the “Architecte des Bâtiments de France” as we had to respect some points to renovate the house as the village is “classé” because of the Church, for exemple, we were not autorized to make big windows, and it was forbidden to create more openings, but my husband and I didn’t mind as we really wanted to respect the original architecture as it is what we really love.




How much of the work did you do yourselves?

My husband and I (even our two children, Margaux 17 years old and Clémence 16 years old), some very good friends (especially my best friend Isabelle), our family have made about 80% of the total work !



Obviously the house is on a steep hillside, did this cause any problems?

The hillside wasn’t a problem for us, except to bring the equiment. The hardest part of the renovation was to take the hay off !!! We calculated that there was about 1,5 ton that we have been taking off with forks and burning it as and when …. Also the painting was very difficult as there are a lot of beams on the roof and the roof is quite high so it was complicated ! But even if it has been very hard working during two years, we are very very happy to have made it ourselves as it is very grateful to think that you made it ! People of the village are very happy about our renovation as we have respected the original architecture and we kept the authenticity.


Some years ago, this barn was the property of a shepherd called Emile who was very loved into the village, this is the reason why we called the bar “Chez Emile”, it is for us a tribute to this shepherd and also for the people of Sers who are very good persons !

You can see the bar at the end of the room

Where did you get the inspiration from and was it your idea to always keep this in a local style?

We didn’t have to get any inspiration as my husband and I really love the moutain materials: wood and stone.

I love that you have kept it as natural as possible inside, do you have a background in Interior Design?

We don’t have any bakground in interior design, but we really know what we love and what we want the bergerie looks like: something warm, welcoming and refine, modern but conserving the charm of the authentic place.

We never made this kind of work before, but we are looking now to make another one …… will be continue ….. 😉

I love the story of how they did this together, a real labour of love and of course this is France, and lunch is lunch. Everything is done with a certain finesse!



So I’ll take you back to the beginning and the interior of the barn


and this ground floor IMG_2836

became this.



I love the attention to detail


and the use of the local slate as a backing for light fixtures


and as heat resistant mats on the dining table.



They also kept the original water trough.


The ground floor is open-plan. The kitchen is modern and highly functional whilst retaining the charm of the stone walls and rustic beams.


I love these tiles which work so well with the stone and slate but also add a softer touch


and the view out of the kitchen window makes washing up a dream job!


In fact the view out of all the windows is spectacular!


A staircase replaced the ladder to the loft which now houses charming bedrooms




again with no shortage in attention to detail. They made the headboards which neatly hide the electricity cables for the lights.


and Pascal made the bunk beds which were a delight to both Hetty and Gigi!


Mixing perfectly with the rustic charm the bathrooms are slick and modern with gallons of hot water and heated towel rails of course!




Marie and Pascal rent the house out for holidays all year round with, details here. I should add that I find summer in the mountains every bit as charming as winter.

Staying here has given me lots of inspiration.  I love the stone, the slate roofs, the interior and how everything was done. In fact since we returned last month we have made a few changes at home. We needed some new garden furniture and Roddy has been making this himself, (I’ll show you all when it’s finished) because this just proved to us how much one can do and how so many items can be recycled in the most charming way.


150 thoughts on “Two Words: “For Sale”

    1. I so agree with you Catherine, and there is indeed something about doing this sort of thing together that makes it all so much more worthwhile. We often have conversations based around “do you remember when we did this or that”, it means so much more. xx

    1. I totally agree with you Susan, so brave to have replied to everything in English and I thought it was so charming I had to leave it absolutely as it was, the odd error but, wow, what can I say, her English is truly excellent for someone who says she never speaks English xx

    1. Oh I love it Nadia, maybe we should meet you there next year, do you ski? It was utterly incredible, I cannot tell you how much we loved it and it was even better in the flesh as it were, so much attention to detail, and yes they did it all themselves, a real labour of love. Now I want to do up another house!! Hope you are over the puppy babysitting for this next wave of great weather! xx

      1. No, unfortunately I do not ski. Yes, Micha had her stitches out today so we are a bit more relaxed until Milo is neutered in about 4 or 5 months.

        1. In that case we are going to have to settle for a spring weekend!!! So glad Micha has come through that all ok and now you can get out and about and enjoy this lovely weather. Beautiful here today with the smell of freshly mown grass all around the village, one of my favourite spring smells! xx

  1. Such an interesting and informative post. Thank you for taking the time to find out about this lovely holiday home and to tell us all about it. Really enjoyed reading and many congratulation to the owners.

    1. I so agree with you Ann-Maree, I loved it so much I had to find out more, it was all so gorgeous with so much attention to detail, a real labour of love and it shows xx

    1. I know and I still can’t a month later, it really was gorgeous and just proved how much one can do if we put our mind to it and how fabulous it is to recycle things. xx

  2. Impressive efforts with stunning results in only 2 years. I wish could have achieved as much progress on our house in France as Marie and her family have since 2013.

    1. Where is your house in France Elizabeth? I think they worked very hard with a lot of help from friends and family and what an achievement though from literally nothing. I love it. Good luck with your house xx

    1. Hi Libby, I know, talk about having to have a good imagination. I have to admit I love looking at places and dreaming of what I would do with them. However, making that dream a reality is often much harder! xx

  3. What a beautiful transformation! A warm and serene retreat created with a an eye for simplicity. A great model of what can be done if you only open up to possibilities. Thank you for sharing this lovely home on a hill.

    1. Thanks Holly, this really does show what can be done with some imagination and a lot of hard work, but it also gave me so many ideas, poor Roddy is now having to work hard making things for me xx

  4. I am always astonished to see the transformation of old houses etc, the vision people have is amazing (including yourselves of course!). This is such a beautiful renovation, so warm & cozy, lovely….

    1. Oh I know, it makes me want to do it all over again, it is kind of addictive! What they achieved was so truly incredible and it shows what we can make out of recycling materials. Of course now I have Roddy making things for me! It gave me so many ideas!! xx

  5. To Marie and Pascal,
    Thank you so much for sharing the story and photos of your reno project. What a TREAT for this American from Washington, DC to get to see your process! I was in heaven reading every word and studying every photo in detail. And your English is wonderful–I will keep working on my French!! Also, I agree with Susan that it looks like it was decorated by a seasoned designer–the interiors are such a lovely complement to the integrity and natural materials of the structure. Bravo!!
    Once, again, you have made the start to my day such a pleasure. I am sitting with my laptop and cup of tea, reading your post while watching the news as we are at our house on the coast of NC and are under a tornado watch. But, we MUST go out today to pick the new gas range and stainless sink for our own reno before returning home. THANK YOU for the wonderful diversion!! Anne xo

    1. I hope the Tornado watch is over Anne, not fun. Hopefully you have made it out to pick out your new range, what fun, it sounds as if the reno is fun. Are you doing the entire house or just the kitchen. I think once one does something like this it is a bit like travel, it’s hard to get out of one’s system altogether! When we did our house I said ‘never again!’ Now I would happily do another renovation, in fact I would really love to, but and it’s a big but, only if we could remain in our own house and do it from here, somewhere comfortable to return home to each evening! xx

    1. Ha ha Jacqui, I think you have mentioned that to me before! But imagine, you could cycle there, a bit tough on the legs to put it mildly but the views are spectacular! xx

  6. Divine. Simply divine. The hard work that this couple put in and the love they have poured into this idyllic aerie is epically repaid with that super-chic, warm, relaxed and all around delightful home. Of course, you know that the location has me before we even get indoors but really … this is one heck of a job well done and I will certainly keep it in mind when people ask about (good) places to stay in the mountains. Which oddly enough, they have a habit of doing! As a little aside, my previous husband (he who shall remain nameless for the sake of this blog) lived a winter in a bergerie in the Pyrenees. It was unused and uninhabited so he just moved in. No-one seemed perturbed but I think he would be blown away if he saw what potential such a place could have (the one he ‘borrowed’ was not teeny-tiny if I remember rightly … we did go on a pilgrimage and found it once upon a blue moon ago). You have me dreaming fresh dreams of a mountain paradise – but that, dear Susan, was inevitable given the subject matter and your gift for making things come alive when you write and take pictures xx

    1. Thanks so much, but I did nothing, this house speaks for itself, it is truly even more delightful in the flesh as it were. We felt at home the moment we arrived and we truly didn’t want to leave. It was cosy and welcoming and it all worked so well. The interior was also so so relaxing. Now I have to admit I love colour but this blew me away! Poor Roddy I have put him to work since we got home, first the hall, then I set to work with a tiny makeover in the sitting room and now he’s hard at it with outdoor furniture! Thank goodness we have a tiny gite for me to ‘play’ with when no one is there! Izzi is home from Uni this week so with my design student daughter the two of us are going to have fun, the gite after all needs a little refresh for the spring and summer season!!! Now if only I can find the time to do all of this, hmmm, I’m trying to figure that one out still!!! xx

        1. Don’t remind me! Time literally flies, but not just it seems as one gets older. The children all say it is flying by too, obviously we are all just having far too much fun!! Weather fantastic, garden looking great but, surprise surprise, needing more attention than it is getting! Weather fantastic! Doesn’t this house just make you want to find your mountain hut to renovate? I loved the story of your ex spending a winter in a forgotten bergerie. I truly fell in love with this house, it managed to be incredibly cosy whilst combining simplicity with sophistication, no mean feat! xx

          1. Busy certainly helps the process! Sounds like paradise is pretty perfect just now even if the garden is on the rampage! As for a hideaway in the mountains … it’s heaven or hell depending on how you view it living here … SOOOO many little places just begging to be bought and renovated. Patience is not my virtue and it is not helping me at all!!! Xx

          2. Paradise is as close as it can get right now, all is good. Patience, my name is not Grace, I have none, not an ideal situation when one lives in France!! As for all those little places, I really need to start buying a lottery ticket, just one a week, I would snap up a couple and restore them very sympathetically, I am already dreaming what I would do!! Weekend retreat, solar? I think there is enough sun in the mountains, perhaps a generator to be on the safe side too, I daren’t show this to the children, they will all be begging me to do it!!

  7. I panicked, I thought you were moving and we might no longer have our weekly OFO fix from you! Once I read a little I was relieved and then totally enraptured by this fabulous renovation.

    1. Have no fear Betsy, we are not going anywhere! Although I must admit I would love to do another renovation, but only if we could live in our own house here whilst doing it and have somewhere comfortable to return home to each night!! xx

  8. I am taking away several ideas from here, the natural slate mats for one. Loved this so much, thank you

  9. I can quite see why you love this so much. My husband and I are visiting France with some friends next year. We planned to spend some time in the Alps or the Pyrenees snow shoe hiking and I think this has swung it. We shall go to the link and see if we can book, it looks like paradise! Just one thing is their good snow shoe hiking there?

    1. Hi Shari, I do love the Alps and I love the Pyrenees also, both have their own unique charms. We went snow shoeing last year in Barèges and had a fabulous time, this year we were too busy skiing! However, there are many marked hikes and trails and snow shoes can be hired from all the shops. It is also possible to have a guide for the day, we did this for one afternoon, we took a packed lunch and he led us off to fascinating places and filled us in on much local history. I would so recommend this lovely house for any holiday, it really is so welcoming and so comfortable. xx

  10. This is extraordinary! I love the history of the place, location and transformation! truly a labor of love 🙂

    1. It certainly has been a labour of love and the results I find quite stunning. I always knew we loved it but when Marie sent me the photos of how it was before, I was amazed and I knew it was something I had to share! xx

  11. Just beautiful…some people just have a knack for design even if they are not professional. Needless to say, we don’t have that many old buildings in the US and it is wonderful when people save old buildings. Here we have rules about restoring historical houses and I had a question about what “classe because of the Church” meant?

    1. We have rules for restoring buildings of historical importance here too. I believe the classe because of the church is because the church is very old in the village and listed and preserved so every old house in the village has to be restored with great care and attention to detail as well. One cannot just put in larger windows and change the original appearance. All of this is of course a good thing I think and they did a great job working within what was allowed. xx

  12. Thank for sharing the renovation. All so very interesting. I always love to know the story behind a house and enjoyed the before and after pictures because they truly show all the work they did. They certainly are talented and did a fantastic job of renovating. I admire those who have a vision and are able to execute it. I can understand why you loved it. It’s always nice to visit new places and even better to come home with some inspiration for things you want to do in your own home.

    1. I totally agree Sue, it is wonderful to look around somewhere and be so inspired. Of course it was empty and perfect, there was none of the clutter of day to day living, but it really did make me think, I just loved the use of all the natural and recycled materials. xx

  13. I admit that when I first read the title, I thought you decided to pack it all in for another move! After all that hard work!!

    This was a delightful story of an incredible labour of love. They had a vision and executed it beautifully! I particularly loved that little detail of slate behind the wall sconces.
    … and the view!! I can see why you fell in love with this place.

    1. No No! I couldn’t and wouldn’t do that, we are far too settled here and I would hate to move! But I do love anything for sale by a local with that tiny homemade sign!! I just loved the details, the slate behind the lights was perfect, it set them off so well. It is little ideas like this that I love to store away mentally for when I might need to use them! xx

        1. Precisely, we don’t have to instantly change anything at home, but it is just seeing what is possible that gives us ideas. As I mentioned, after learning how they made their tables from the old door and things they found, Roddy has been making garden furniture for me and it is so much more satisfying, he has rally enjoyed it and we have exactly what we want! xx

  14. What a wonderful story Susan. All those before and after images make me wish that I was years younger with a similar project. It’s so interesting hearing of other people’s lives.
    Ali xx

    1. Oh Ali, I would love to do another renovation! After we finished this house we said never again, but now I find I could happily do another, but I would like to be able to do it from the comfort of home here and be able to come back here in the evenings! xx

    1. I agree Lidy, the moment we stepped inside the front door we were entranced, we just loved it and after we returned home and I saw the ‘before’ photos, we were just amazed, so much hard work and so much vision. xx

  15. chère MARIE. cher Pascal
    Félicitations – quelle réussite! C’est absolument AMAZING ce que vous avez créés avec vos mains et beaucoup d’énergie. Votre amour pour la région, les matériaux et les gens sortent de chaque photo. Vous êtes des stars!
    Thank you very much for sharing with Susan & Roddy and their family the (hi)story of your beautiful house. As you must know Susan is just about ‘everybody’s best friend’ and to me, with a wide knowledge of countries and people, she shines out like a ‘rayon de soleil’. Merci encore, aussi à toi, Susan. C’est un témoignage d’amour et dédicace….

    1. Merci à toi, Kiki! I don’t think I have ever been called a ray of sunshine or everybody’s best friend ever in my life before. I shall go to be with a smile on my face tonight. Encore merci mille fois xx

  16. I have to say Susan, you mustn’t do that again, your title is pure scaremongering…. (is that the right word?)
    I’m sure everybody will scream that they (like I did for about 3″) were afraid of you selling; only I just knew it couldn’t be!!!

    1. Scaremongering is indeed the right word! I did think I might confuse a few people, but the truth is I am addicted to handmade little wooden for sale signs! They always make me stop and look, I can never quite resist! But don’t worry, we are NOT selling, far too ensconced here to do that and actually far too happy and content to even contemplate it! xx

    1. I totally agree, isn’t it gorgeous Monika, such a wonderful find, I would have wanted it too and their vision was fabulous, it just goes to show what is achievable with a lot of hard work. I also just loved the use of local natural materials and the way they recycled so much. It truly was an inspiration. xx

    1. I do agree, it was such a truly wonderful transformation, I was so fascinated by the history and to learn how they did the work and it really is just as gorgeous as the photos show. xx

    1. Thanks Hilary, I do agree, it is amazing and it is just as wonderful in real life. I always think it is wonderful to see an old building restored so sympathetically. xx

    1. You are obviously a girl after my own heart, yes I thought their design decisions were perfect also. The moment we stepped in the front doors we were all captivated, I loved the attention to detail and it was so comfortable, so cosy and just so perfect! xx

  17. What a wonderful story. And thanks so much for using Marie’s own words. As you say, her English is beyond reproach, but her turn of phrase lends the whole certain un certain je ne sais quoi. All was going swimmingly till I called up the details: ‘Sleeps 16’. Even if I arm-wrestled the entire family down there, I couldn’t get to more than 10. Ah well ……..

    1. Her English is absolutely fabulous, I agree and somehow I felt it made it all feel so much more real if I kept the words as she had written them, it really made the story feel as if she were telling it in person. I have to add there is an apartment attached to the house, all part of the same building which is very much smaller if that would be suitable for you instead! I would so highly recommend this to anyone, it was gorgeous. xx

  18. Never judge a book by its cover! Thank goodness I read on, I would be distraught if your blog ceased to be, it brightens up my day no end to see an email from you in my inbox!

  19. I too am addicted to those small private for sale signs. Sometimes they are on roadside tables selling honey or local produce, sometimes as you say old furniture, it doesn’t matter what, I feel as if the handwritten sign means I am getting a bargain, probably not always the case, but I can’t resist them all the same!

    1. I know just what you mean Zoe, psychologically that small sign makes us think we are getting a bargain, whether or not it is the true case is another matter, but I have to stop and take a look all the same and I am glad I am not alone! xx

    1. It really does feel just as lovely and charming in real life. The moment we walked in the front doors we were entranced and it felt so welcoming but also so cosy. It really is just perfect and I took away so many interesting ideas. xx

  20. Oh,my goodness,these dear people are absolutely incredible and their gorgeous home nothing short of an inspiration!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.Even though there is no way in the world I have the fortitude to ever attempt such a thing,it is totally heartwarming to see a loving family(and friends!) bond together and!best of all!Complete their project to such beauty!

    1. I agree Natalia, there is so much inspiration here, I loved that they all worked on this together, a true labour of love. Also the use of natural and recycled materials was excellent, the mixture of rustic and modern was just right. In short it was all perfect! xx

  21. OMG I cannot even imagine the work involved. I would ha e taken one look and said no! But what a result, it looks amazing, so envious of anyone with this type of vision

    1. So much vision indeed and so much hard work, but it was lovely that it was such a family experience and I am sure that it has made it all so much worthwhile. It really is a lovely house, I could live there quite happily! xx

  22. I don’t use the word “fabulous” very often, but this is. Everything is just right, fitting into the mountains, retaining the old charm, incorporating the modern to fit with ease into the original. Simply wonderful and thanks so much for sharing it. I saw lots of for sale signs when I was in France. 🙂


    1. It really is truly fabulous Janet. When I like renovations, usually I like the whole but there are often small things that I would change or do differently, but this was a rare gem, there really was nothing I would change. I loved the use of natural elements and the recycled items, the mixture of rustic and modern was just right. These places are getting harder and harder to find, but it is wonderful to see them restored so sympathetically.

  23. What an incredible transformation, love the nod to mid-century design in some of the styling and how they’ve managed to make something look so warm with such a neutral color scheme!

    1. Hi Lily, I feel sure you are referring to the chairs and their legs with mid-century design, I loved the chairs too. The entire home just worked, the neutral colour scheme felt warm and inviting and with the fire alight everywhere had that wonderful cosy feel. xx

    1. I really do agree, it is not always easy to keep everything so natural whilst incorporating modern design, but they really did a wonderful job, a perfect combination of rustic and contemporary. We instantly fell in love with it! xx

  24. They have done an excellent job, it’s a fantastic renovation. Goodness I know how hard it is living only slightly off the beaten track. But in that location, wow!

    1. Certainly no large lorries driving up to the front doors here! Everything has to come up to the house by wheelbarrow, it just makes it all so much more difficult and labour intensive. But as you know only too well I am sure, where there’s a will there’s a way! I have to tell you it was the most stunning location and the most gorgeous house! xx

    1. I think using as much reclaimed material as possible and using local materials is the key, it really keeps these old buildings as they are meant to be but with the help of modern technology. xx

  25. Brilliant renovation, and what a location! I bet the views are stunning….. thanks for sharing, Susan….

    1. The views are incredible Phil. Every day we said to ourselves we will come back and have lunch sitting outside because it was so beautiful and of course we never did, we didn’t want to stop skiing! But we sat outside after breakfast whilst putting on boots etc and in the evenings and loved every second of it xx

  26. I too would be interested in the smaller unit you spoke of to Margaret. Is this as pretty and a similar style to the house? It is quite stunning, I am not a skier but I love walking in the mountains in the summer.

    1. The apartment is all part of the same house, it has been done in the same similar style and is just as lovely. You can see it on the airbnb site. I would highly recommend it, last year we did some of the walks as the weather was so springlike. We all said we would love to return in the summer, equally as fabulous as the winter. xx

  27. This is wonderful. I love it when people really ‘earn’ their renovations by putting the hard work in. It somehow means so much more when you know the effort put in. Full of admiration for this lovely family and their beautiful house

    1. I quite agree, all the blood, sweat and tears really does make it so much more worthwhile in the end. After we finished renovating the house here I said ‘never again!’ now I find I am quite keen to do it all over again! But only if I could stay here and have somewhere comfortable to come home to each evening! This house gave me so much inspiration! xx

  28. What a beautiful and sympathetic restoration, Pascal is a very talented man obviously. I’d love to know what they found in the barn that led them to believe it was a lovers meeting place…knickers perhaps! Marie’s English is great…I wish my French was of that standard. (getting there slowly) Btw thanks for the advice about the pizza vans.
    Bon weekend. x

    1. It think he is extremely talented Fiona, it was so truly beautiful, we cannot wait to return next year. Now as to what they found, I was not thinking of knickers, I was thinking far less pleasant things! Marie’s English is fabulous and that’s why I didn’t want to change a thing, I think by leaving her to tell her own story in her own words it has certainly made it far more real, as if she was actually talking to us all in person. Weather is incredible, so hope it will be like this when you are here. xx

      1. Ewww!
        Not long now till I’ll be on your side of the channel, fingers crossed for good weather. It has actually been very warm and sunny in the UK this week and tomorrow, forecast to be in the 20’s.

        1. Yes I saw on the news it was going to be gorgeous in England too. We reached 28C this afternoon and had a lovely long supper outside. Just like summer with a really warm evening! xx

  29. Susan…Happy Friday…I checked my calendar to make sure.LOL Wonderful story. Beautiful home. I absolutely adore the fireplace and kitchen. The views are spectacular. Like many of your other readers I am in awe of this family and their final product. What a labour of love. Best part Marie and Pascal have given me inspiration to tackle a couple of projects I have been dreaming of and putting off. Thank you for sharing such an “uplifting” home renovation.
    I still can’t get that lovely home you pictured on your blog a few weeks back out of my mind.

    1. Yes, time flies, how can it be the weekend again, already, quite unbelievable and it is not just flying for us adults, the children say it is flying by too. So happy you have been inspired to tackle a couple of projects, they inspired me too. We have been doing all sorts of things outside on the terrace with recycled materials, the whole thing just made me think how much one can achieve with hard work and a little imagination. Ah the lovely house, ‘your house’ as I shall always think of it from now on!! xx

      1. I like that: “my house.” Thank you! 💗 Well, you can’t deny this “gal” a little daydreaming time! I truly appreciate your support in this matter! 😉 Lol! And yes; time does fly by…except when I am exercising…one minute can seem like eternity sometimes. 💪🏻🤔💪🏻
        Happy Sunday! 💞

  30. This is one of my favorite posts about life in France for a long time! It appeals to one of our most deeply-held dreams — to do exactly the kind of renovation and restoration that this family accomplished somewhere in the spectacular French countryside. Your photos and the depth of your conversation with them really brings the process to life- thanks!

    1. Thanks so much, this house is so full of so much inspiration and it is amazing what they achieved through sheer hard work. We loved staying there and cannot wait to return next year, it was fabulous in every possible way. xx

  31. I so enjoy this blog. The delightful restoration of this home is so perfect, congratulations to you all. The views over the rolling green lands ate beautiful, as ate the mountain peaks. Thank you for sharing this adventure

    1. Thanks so much Mary. The views from this house really are absolutely stunning. We stood there and just breathed it all in. I would open the curtains in the morning and look out onto the mountains, it was incredible, as is the whole house. xx

  32. WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT!They did a GREAT JOB!DId you say how long it took……..I think YOU did I will go back and check.MY DREAM in ITALY was to own one of these old FARMHOUSES!!!!!!!OR BETTER YET AN OLD BARN!

    1. It took them a couple of years and it is even more fabulous in real life. My dream is now to buy one of these in the mountains and renovate it, I was so so taken with this, it was so inspirational and so stunning. xx

    1. Me too, my absolute favourite, I always find the two go hand in hand and complement one another perfectly. This house is so gorgeous, I cannot wait to go back xx

  33. What a stunning transformation – and those VIEWS! Wow! An amazing home and to think it was built in 1750…thanks for sharing at the April Take Me Away Party! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks Shelley, it was one of those homes that just completely wowed us the moment we arrived. The renovations were all done so sympathetically and so beautifully with so much thought and attention to detail whilst keeping it very individual and unique. xx

  34. Beautiful renovation and beautiful views! Thank you for sharing the store! #allaboutfrance

    1. I cannot even begin to imagine how much hard work it was but it is utterly fabulous. Most of all is the attention to the smallest of details, it is just gorgeous. Hope you are having a lovely weekend and enjoying this fantastic weather xx

  35. What a testament to hard work and commitment to the job. They deserve to sit back and enjoy now… #AllAboutFrance

    1. We all just totally fell in love with the house, I love the way they did the interior, it is so calming and restful and yet at the same time oozes style and comfort. It was in short, perfection! Xx

  36. It reminds me of the story of Heidi, it seems so high and remote that I would expect a goat to wander into shot at any moment. A lovely story and interview. #AllAboutFrance

    1. Ha ha, we didn’t see any goats, but plenty of sheep wandering around the roads! Some, the elder members of the flock, had bells around their necks. It is such a gorgeous village and wonderful house. We loved every minute of our stay there. xx

  37. They have done a fabulous job and it makes me want to stay there! Thank you all for sharing it.

  38. Such an amazing labour of love with a beautiful outcome. How wonderful that you got the inside scoop on how this place was transformed. As a holiday home owner I do wonder why Marie and Pascal didn’t suggest to book direct with them for any of your blog readers. Airbnb charge such a huge commission on top of their fee (and take it off their earnings too) so direct is a win win situation for guest and host. I checked out the Airbnb listing when you posted about your ski holiday and was very much hoping this would bring a direct link. Thanks for sharing this with #AllAboutFrance

    1. Hi Phoebe, I asked Marie how she would like me to post the link and she wanted it to be direct with Airbnb, I can understand why, because they handle all the money and people can pay simply and easily by credit card. Hope bookings are good for you for this season, no doubt you are already well underway with guests, helped along by this wonderful spring weather! xx

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