Two Words: “For Sale”

façade (2)

Those two simple words “For Sale” can turn our lives around, especially when the sign is small and hand-written in the depths of the French countryside. It doesn’t even seem to matter for me what it is for sale –  “À Vendre” has me daydreaming. I can see a wooden board propped against a vintage car and I imagine driving it. A sign against some antique chairs outside someone’s house and I envision where I will put them. And something in the window of a building and immediately I’m planning it’s renovation!

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Discovering an 18th Century French Manoir


Sometimes life throws up the most unexpected surprises. On Tuesday a friend asked me if I would like to go with her to look around a house. This wasn’t a house to buy or a house to sell, but a house she was thinking of renting for a week in the summer for 25 friends. I love looking at houses and going somewhere new, so obviously I leapt at the chance. But a house that would sleep 25 people, all under one roof, now that really peaked my interest. Continue reading “Discovering an 18th Century French Manoir”