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The Olympics in Rio have started and are now dominating the headlines. Being a very sporty family the games are a big event. My background is in horses and riding, having competed since I was a child, so I will want to watch everything equestrian-related. Then there is the sailing and of course the tennis. But we don’t want to waste these beautiful summer days inside watching television, thank goodness there are highlights every night!

Hetty made five supporting flags which at first I assumed was one for each of the five children. But no, I was wrong; she had made one for Great Britain, for we are after all British and one for New Zealand, where Gigi was born and who is therefore an honorary Kiwi. Then there was one for France, our adopted country. The fourth one was for the USA as we lived there for several years, and then last but not least, there was one for the refugees competing under the Olympic flag. So we have a lot of countries and a lot of people to support; hopefully we might do quite well in the medal count!


Not quite matching the speed of an Olympian I have to introduce you to Silver Snail. Sometime last summer the girls painted a snail’s shell for fun. Fast forward a few months to the spring of this year. I was in the garden and I spotted a silver shelled snail with a green dot! The girls were excited to tell me he was ‘their’ snail from a year ago. I seem to spend my life removing snails from plants, and I take them all the way down the garden to the compost heap. The little silver chappie I’ve let remain where he lives, I was amazed he had lasted all winter. However, yesterday I saw him again, this time I was even more astounded, there he was, slowly moving along in the parched dry grass, always in the same part of the garden. Carefully I picked him up and put him in the shade on a leaf. Millie had run over him by accident with the mower earlier in the day, but he was remarkably unharmed. I was astounded to then read on the internet that wild garden snails can live from 2 – 7 years and in captivity 25 years or more. I had no idea.

Summer is often a time for reflection. The pace of life is a little slower, even if actually for me it’s busier than ever but in a more relaxed way. With the children all at home, I have spent less time working behind the computer, and more time having fun with them. We have tossed around many ideas and I may not have been writing quite so much but we have been talking about the blog a lot! Before you panic, I don’t want to change anything, as I’m enjoying every second of my interaction with you all and I cannot thank you enough for your comments and for the huge interest you take in everything I write. What I want to do, however, is keep the blog fresh and interesting, and that means always striving to stay one step ahead and always looking for ways to improve it. So whilst continuing with our story (the dogs and chickens, the garden, the children, the fabulous villages we visit and the historic sites we come across) I shall also be including some new features from time to time which I want to introduce you to today.

Many people dream of living in France,  and some of us turn that dream into a reality. One of the  questions I get asked most frequently is, “How do you make a living in France?” It is, I cannot deny, a wonderful lifestyle but it’s not always easy to work here; however many people have found very entrepreneurial ways to earn a living.

Over the coming months I want to introduce you to friends who are ‘expats’. These aren’t people who come here to retire, fantastic though that may be; no, I want you to meet those that come here and work in France. Some are married to Frenchmen, some are not. Where we live there are actually very few foreigners and so the friends I will introduce you to will be from all over France.

Along the way you’ll meet Rebecca; she is half British and half German, and married to a Frenchman. Along with raising three young children she is an advisor to several technology start-ups, a mentor on the Cherie Blair Foundation, and a speaker on the topic of the Sharing Economy, a movement Rebecca has been a part of since its emergence in 2010 when she was co-founder and CEO of Skilio.13606529_10154818079756490_6044449009362578744_n

We will be meeting Jacqui and her husband; they are both British and whilst he travels for work she has thrown herself into French village life, volunteering on all levels and being voted onto the local council.IMG_6275

There’s also Leanne, who is Canadian and married to a Frenchman. They have two young children and together they have built up an incredible company making their own cold pressed hand cut all natural soaps.IMG_6276

Amanda and her husband are another couple; both are British and they have twin teenaged boys. Amanda’s husband is a full-time teacher while she is an extremely talented artist and sculptor, creating life size female forms with their own distinct look.



I will also be meeting a family who have bought and run a vineyard. A couple who run a luxury boutique hotel, people who are teachers and/or tourist guides; it seems if people really want to live here they find a way to make it happen. In addition, if there is anything that particularly fascinates you or interests you, or there’s something you want to know more about then please let me know and I will try and include it.

Another idea for the blog I will be pursuing is “A Meal with Friends.” We all know food plays a major role in the traditional French lifestyle, but rather than taking you along to another market or showing you a table setting, we will be eating with friends. Our first guests will be coming for tea, they are a fabulous French couple who are great friends of ours; their’s was the first friendly smile I ever saw at the school gates. Over the coming weeks and months this will be followed by “Dinner with Friends”, “Lunch with Friends”, “Breakfast with Friends”, “A Picnic with Friends” and “Aperitifs with Friends”.

Hopefully it’ll be an exciting time, and most of all I want you to feel as if you are living here alongside us; I want you to be involved in this great way of life, not just the glossy bits but the ups and the downs. I’ll also feature a day in my life, both the fantasy French version and the ‘real’ not so fantastic version! To summarise, nothing will really change, I hope the blog will just get better!

But right now it’s a fabulous sunny day and it’s a Sunday. We are heading off to the River Charente to kayak for the afternoon with the children. As is always the case with our family, this will be competitive, maybe not up to the standards of Olympic rowing, but a fierce battle nonetheless. Already we are paired up and my money is firmly on Roddy and Hetty as the winners! Have a wonderful Sunday whatever you are doing. x



104 thoughts on “Olympics, Blogging & French Life

  1. Bonjour! I am intrigued, totally amazed at your snail story! I had no idea these little slow-pokes lived that long! To see the silver cargo load trailing in your garden a year later must have been a SHOCK! And that he survived the mower incident? Bless his little slimy self!

    Oh how lovely the thought of living in France is. After my visit there, my husband declared that we wants to retire there. BON CHANCE, I say…..first of all, I’d love for him to learn how to speak French but that’s just as improbable as seeing the same snail in your garden a year later….but not impossible, as I see now!!! Anita

    1. Hi Anita, I was totally amazed by Mr Snail too. I had no idea they lived so long, I was astounded when I saw him in the spring and even more so yesterday. Fortunately they move so slowly I had time to go to the house, find my camera, call everyone else and come back! You see nothing is impossible, even the totally unexpected is possible! Come and visit, we’d love to meet you! Susan x

  2. What a great idea Susan, to introduce us to the interesting people you know and I also look forward to all those meals! In the meanwhile, happy kayaking…it will surely be a wonderful day out! ❤

    1. Thanks Jeanne, it was the most beautiful afternoon, the girls swam from their kayaks, lots of giggles and great fun. I am very much looking forward to every future post, I enjoy writing them all! Susan x

      1. Children, kayaks, a river and swimming…sounds like heaven to me! Best from the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., Leslie

        1. Leslie, it was heaven. The girls said it was the best day of the summer, they say that a lot though!!! But it was beautiful, when we got well down the river we stopped and they jumped from their kayaks and swam, Roddy took incredible photos of them in mid air! It was really hot but the water was so refreshing. All the time looking at beautiful scenery, like you my idea of heaven! Susan x

  3. Susan, ah yes, it would be a dream to live in France, but that will never happen for me so I look forward to your posts and living it through your eyes.

  4. I like and look forward to your new features. Especially the meals with friends! As far as the Olympics go, Son #1 is the director of communications for NBC Nightly News so we have been glued to the TV. He’s working the entire time of the Olympics so I won’t see him for a while. But–Bonaparte and I are having our competition he is rooting for France while I am rooting for the USA! There is something about the Olympics that just gets my competitive nature going!!!!

    1. Hi Catherine, there is indeed something that gets our competitive spirit going too, not that it needs much encouragement! Of course I will always root for Team GB first and foremost. What fun for your son, what an opportunity. I love the Olympics, the passion of all the athletes, it’s great to watch. Susan x

  5. It has always been the dream of myself and my husband to move to France but we have always wondered how we would make ends meet and what we would do. This couldn’t have come at a better time, i am so looking forward to reading what people have done and have to say

    1. Hi Jane, keep dreaming and keep planning. I am rather excited about this too, I always love hearing other people’s stories and I hope it will be very interesting to meet people who have achieved so much. Susan x

  6. The expats I know/knew were retired and European, so earning a living and navigating residency permits weren’t issues for them (and both couples have moved back to their home countries). Everybody else I know is French–neighbors, friends, acquaintances from various sports clubs, husband’s co-workers (my co-workers are in the U.S., so I’m the weird one). It will be interesting to learn about what people are doing.

    1. Hi, we don’t know any expats around here either, we are very good friends with one English couple but they live an hour away, other than that, like you, our friends are all French. However, we do know quite a few expats in other areas of France, they all have children and they all work, either for other people or for themselves. I find it quite fascinating how inventive people can be and how entrepreneurial they are in finding ways to earn a living. Susan x

  7. Fabulous ideas for the blog …. I do look forward to meeting these lovely people and sharing meals along the way too. Tell your daughters I think they should paint some more snails to represent all your nations …. A mini Olympics Snaily style 😉

    1. I think it is always great fun to meet new people and hear their stories. But perhaps even more exciting, a snail Olympics! I’ll get the children painting tomorrow! We’ll have Kiwi snails, French snails, American and British ones. I put my money on the snail Team GB, quite naturally!!! Susan x

    1. Thank you so much, I am thoroughly looking forward to sharing these new features with you. We had a gorgeous day on the river, stunning weather and lots of fun. Hope you have had a lovely weekend too, Susan x

    1. I think Anne you seem to have misread something. Susan is saying, to quote her in this very article ” as I’m enjoying every second of my interaction with you all”. Nowhere does she say she doesn’t like it, I read this, and I believe everyone else did too, that she is just going out of her way to try and make this even better, not that she can, I think it’s already perfect, but still she is constantly thinking of things we will want to read, new things, rather than posting the same old, same old, I admire and applaud her for that.

    2. Hi Anne, I think maybe you have slightly misunderstood what I have written. I am not in the least fed up, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I absolutely love writing once or twice a week. In fact when I started the blog I had no idea what fun it would be, I love every second of it, I so enjoy chatting with everyone and sharing our lives here. What I want to do is always come up with new ideas, new ways to keep the blog “current” and of interest to everyone. I was really excited with the new ideas I have come up with which is why rather than waiting, I wanted to share them with everyone today. I hope you have had a lovely weekend, Susan x

        1. Thanks Leslie, I want to keep everything the same but just keep adding new things to keep it alive and fresh, plus I am always fascinated to hear other people’s stories, so hopefully it will be interesting, informative and fun! X

    3. I think you have misunderstood Susan’s point entirely. Perhaps you need to reread the post a few times.

    4. Anne Rosemary – wouldn’t you prefer for people to be kind or at least thoughtful in their responses if you were to put yourself in the blogger’s shoes?
      Susan is always so candid and brave to share with all of us………..doesn’t seem she deserves to have a barb thrown from the safe distance of those of us whom get the opportunity to reply……….

  8. I read that snails are like homing pigeons. They return to their zone of the garden as long as they can. An experiment was done to move them 10, 20 and 30 metres from their home…but after 20 metres apparently they can’t find their way back. Perhaps the girls can test the theory for us as they seem already expert at giving the snails distinctive markings!

    1. I did this once when I was a child, decades ago, I hasten to add; they didn’t go far, but they didn’t live long either, within a few months they were always gone for good!

      1. Hi Lisa, I think we are going to try and carry out the experiment Miranda at French Immersion has told us about tomorrow, it will be rather fun, we’ll paint each snail with a country flag!!!

    2. Hi Miranda, wow that’s really interesting, I feel as if I have learnt so much about snails in the past day or so. I had no idea they lived so long and was amazed to see him in the spring and then again yesterday. Always within 20 metres of where we first saw him. Perhaps indeed they can test the theory, maybe we should take five from the same area (we have a lot of snails) and paint them and then take them all over the garden at the varying distances you mention and see who makes it back. Great idea, we will do it this week! Hope you are having a great holidays. Susan x

  9. My dream was to live in France for a year. I wished…had fantasies. This year it will be one year. HOWEVER…it has taken six years for that to happen….two months at a time. The lesson is when you wish for something….be very specific.
    Thank you Susan for opening up other parts of France to all of us and introducing to interesting and varied subjects.

    Ali Xx

    1. Hi Ali, you know what they say, be careful what you wish for!!! I think you have the best of both worlds, your home in Canada sounds incredible and the months you spend here sound pretty wonderful too. Am so looking forward to showing you a totally new part of France. I am always fascinated by the stories of other expats living here and I really wanted to share these stories with everyone, I hope it will be very interesting and informative as well as fun! Susan xx

    1. Thanks so much Penny, I hope they will be interesting and informative as well as fun. Of course I will also be continuing with lots of usual posts about our life here too! Susan x

  10. I look so forward to reading your new posts. I lovereading your blog. You are a very gifted and talented story teller. I feel like I’m in France when I read your posts. I loved the post last week about the French Market. I hope that you have a wonderful Sunday!!!

    1. Thank you so much Shannon, I am so glad you are enjoying the blog and reading about life in France. We had a really great day thank you, lots of fabulous family fun, all together, which is, in my opinion, just as it should be! Hope you have had a lovely weekend too. Susan x

    1. Thanks Mary, I hope they will be great fun and very informative as well as interesting. I am rather excited to be adding a few new topics to the blog whilst continuing with the usual ones too. Susan x

  11. What a great idea, good conversation is always paired with good food, I can’t wait to read all about it, your little series are always the best.

    1. Thanks so much Helen, yes I agree, good conversation and good food, a perfect partnership. I am so looking forward to sharing these new ideas with everyone. Hope you have had a lovely weekend. Susan x

  12. I love every post you ever write, I didn’t know it could get better, but all the same this sounds so interesting, such great ideas. Your blog is always so inspirational, I can’t wait. Hope you enjoyed the kayaking!

    1. Thank you so much Lisa, I am so glad you are enjoying the blog. I will continue just as before, whilst adding these extra things every now and then, to keep it fresh and exciting, I hope! We had the most wonderful time kayaking thank you. The weather was perfect, and the girls jumped from their kayaks and swam in the river. Great simple family fun. Hope you had a lovely weekend too. Susan x

  13. Sounds like a great idea, it’s always interesting to read about other people’s lives,
    What an exciting find for your children, I too had no idea that they could live for so long, it opens up all sorts of experiments that the children could have, moving them around the garden, I’m sure as far away as possible from your vegetable patch .
    Sounds like a great day is ahead of you.. Enjoy.

    1. Hi Barbara, I am always fascinated to hear about other people’s lives here in France and how other people make it work. I was so shocked to see this snail thriving but apparently it’s not unusual, I’ve learnt a lot about snails this weekend! This one has now been given carte blanche to eat wherever/whatever he chooses!!! Incredibly I have never seen a snail in the vegetable garden and yet up by the house we have masses and masses, every day I lift them off the wall, they gather around the wisteria. A fabulous day on the river today, great family fun, thank you. Gorgeous weather, hope you have had a lovely weekend too. Susan x

  14. Fabulous idea for the ‘new and improved’ blog – not that there is a lot of room for improvement. I absolutely love it as it is but am excited about the upcoming events. Is there a way you could set aside on your blog a photo album to put all the pics from your many postings all in one place. I’d love to show them to my daughter who is a keen amateur photographer. I’ve been telling her tidbits about your lifestyle and some of the pics in particular I know she would love to see – one of them your daughter’s from her great sea voyage. Many thanks – great writing as usual

    1. Hi Joan, thank you so much, I have to admit I am excited too, I love hearing other people’s stories and I can’t wait to share them. I have no idea if I can add a gallery, it would be rather fun and I shall certainly look into it and see if it is possible. I hope you have had a lovely weekend Susan x

  15. I’m looking forward to all of your future blog posts about people who make a living and sharing meals with friends. Maybe it should become an app, like Words with Friends, but instead, Dinner With Friends.
    My husband and I plan to move to France next year. He is several years older than me, so he will retire. I hope to be able to teach university online. I teach in person right now. I also plan to look for opportunities to teach English at French universities (I’ll send my resume starting in January for positions next September). And I’ll also have some income from the sale of my novels.
    It sounds like my husband is going to have a lot more leisure time than I am, but he has worked hard our entire marriage as the main breadwinner.
    Come play along with Dreaming of France. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

    1. Hi Paulita, What a great idea! It sounds as if you have thought very carefully about sources of income and done your homework. I have to admit I have no idea how it works for a non-European, I would imagine it just means more paperwork!!! I can’t think of a nicer place for your husband to start his retirement and I hope he move goes smoothly, which area are you moving to? Do you already own your house? You see I love hearing about other people’s stories, how they come to France and how they make it work! Susan x

  16. Your blog goes from strength to strength, congratulations. I love your daughter’s flags and the snail story is amazing, I had no idea snails lived so long, I thought a few months tops.

    1. Hi Varsha, thank you so much. I had no idea snails lived so long either, I have learnt a lot about them this weekend! I think we shall now paint some snail shells in the various flag colours and see how far they travel from home, it’s snail experiment time! Susan x

  17. Thanks for your post. Love getting them and I read and enjoy the pictures several times so I don’t miss anything. Can’t wait to read your upcoming posts.

    1. Thank you so much Brenda, I had no idea that people would read and reread things several times, you have made me so happy, thank you! I am so glad you are enjoying it. I’m rather excited about the upcoming posts too, of course I will also continue with all of my usual posts as well. Hope you have had a lovely weekend, Susan x

    1. Thanks Lily, I am rather excited about them too, of course I am also going to continue with everything just as it has always been, I will merely add a few extras which I hope will be interesting, informative and fun. Susan x

    1. Thank you so much, that is just as I plan to do, continue just as I am doing, for I must admit I love it all so much, just adding some new and interesting things as well. As we headed out to the river today, about 20 minutes inland, we passed through several villages, they were all so beautiful and I thought how I would love to show them to each and every one of you, how I would love for everyone to take that drive with me, it seems the blog is never far from my thoughts!! Hope you have had a lovely weekend, up bright and early thanks to your cat! Susan x

  18. Yes, summer time is good for letting the mind wander and to allow thoughts to marinate. Ernest Hemingway said ‘ you must allow time to fill the well’ – or something to that effect. Meaning that taking a step back can allow ones thoughts to flow and reveal new ideas.
    Your plan sounds very interesting. I am over in Italy reinventing my life (which takes place on two continents). Always a good thing to refresh……

    1. Hi Lisa, you intrigued me! So I have just spent a fabulous while looking at your beautiful property and reading your blog. I can relate to so much you have done! Including the shipping container from Miami to Europe! I find the summer is a great time to refresh. Because I am doing different things with the children, I can take a step back and view things far more objectively. I shall definitely be following your blog! Hope you have had a great weekend in Italy. Susan x

  19. What an absolutely lovely life you lead! What a pleasure reading about it, thank you for sharing these snippets. The story of the snail is particularly endearing. ❤

    1. Thank you so much, it is a lovely lifestyle, of course many aspects are the same whatever country one lives in, still the shopping, work, school run, cleaning etc., but there is so much beauty all around and so many enjoyable things, even shopping is fun! I think we are going to experiment more with the snails, sounds like fun! Susan x

  20. I so agree with ‘mackmarie’. Your life does sound quite idyllic, Susan. I enjoyed meeting some of your lovely friends and so look forward to reading about your meal get-togethers. How cute to have a ‘pet’ snail! Tell Hetty that I love her flags. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sylvia, as I just replied to Mackmarie, life is fabulous, it’s a great lifestyle, but there are always the usual boring parts of life too! It’s not that perfect!!! I love to share the good bits, but I am going to write a couple of posts, a day in my life, fantasy French style, and a real day in my life, (not quite so glamorous)! Hetty says a very big Thank you! The pet snail is rather dull compared to your amazing wildlife!!! Xx

  21. Susan, I fear for the day when you have a following of 2 million and are still coming up with ideas – surely you will break the internet? Love the new ideas, look forward to seeing what all your friends and contacts do to make France work. The wife and I may dig out the old caravan and come visiting one day!

    1. Hi Phil, you would be more than welcome to come and visit. I love reading other people’s stories about their lives here and in other foreign countries so I hope it will be both interesting and fun as well as informative. 2 million followers would be a dream come true, but not one that is likely to happen!!! Susan x

    1. Thank you so much and welcome to the blog, it is great to have you following along. So glad you enjoyed the post, I love reading everyone’s comments and getting to know my readers so thank you for taking the time to comment, it is always much appreciated. Susan x

    1. Thanks so much and welcome to the blog, it is great to have you following along and thank you for taking the time to comment, always very much appreciated. You might like to take a look back at some of the posts written by our two dogs, Bentley and Evie!!! Susan x

  22. I am completely captured by the snail! Usually you the line ” you had me at snail” would suffice – but I was so enraptured by the girls painting the snails house – and seeing the snail in his house – that you also “lost me at snail”…….as I’m back in the garden as a child………and pleasantly may not recover from that position all day!!!!!
    Hahaha!!! Magical
    I sooooooo enjoy the real life of your blog and trust you to take us in any and all directions!!
    Please keep checking in with the snail, however, and I still can’t believe that Millie mowed over him unscathed !!!!!! Whew
    Your blog is a childhood adventure, a family adventure, travelling adventures, the joys of life adventures, however grand or simple. Pleeeeeeeeease keep them coming!!!!!!!

    Thank you – as always!!!!!!

    1. I will keep looking out for the snail, I was so amazed to see him, not once but twice! And he obviously has a will to live, Millie thought it was a rock, she waited for the blades to scream at her which they do when hit by a stone, but nothing, she must have gone straight over the top! Luckily Silver Snail! I am not going to change anything as such, I want to keep writing about our life, the villages, the people, etc but also add one or two new and exciting features which I hope will only enhance it. Susan xx

  23. What a lovely post Susan, can’t wait for all the new series, I am thoroughly looking forward to learning more about life in France.

    1. Thanks Simon, I am rather looking forward to them all too, I hope they will be both interesting and informative and a lot of fun! There is always something new to learn here! Susan x

  24. I enjoyed my first visit to your blog Susan. It amazes me how easily we can choose to read about other countries and discover interesting families that live there via their blogs and photos. Beats watching telly any day! Your new series of interviews with entrepreneurial expats sounds great. I’m looking forward to visiting again to read more. In the meantime thanks for the follow. It’s good to meet you!

    1. Hi Gillian, welcome to the blog, great to have you following along and thank you for taking the time to comment, as you know only too well, comments are much appreciated! I totally agree with you, reading blogs certainly beats TV, there is so much to learn and there are so many incredibly inspirational people out there. I am quite passionate about my garden, everything I know (which is not very much) I Learnt from my Father who was a farmer and a fabulous gardener on the Isle of Wight. He was the one who inspired me. Susan x

  25. Bon Dimanche! I love the charming tale of the silver snail. I’m with you, highlights are enough for me on sports, but interestingly, we have the same family sports, riding, sailing and tennis. Looking forward to meeting your friends. xo, ebh

    1. What a coincidence! I watched some of the eventing yesterday evening which I always love, then I watched Serena win and destroy her racket! Whilst Millie, our 16 year old was glued to sailing. So much to see, but only the highlights too or in the evening! So glad you enjoyed the story of Silver Snail, he ha astounded me and I will now keep a careful eye out for him! So excited about the new plans for the blog. Susan x

  26. Hi Susan. Last but not least again! I wanted to say that I really love your blog and the new ideas you have can only make it even more enjoyable, so go for it! What I love about your particular blog is that you always take the time to make a reply, however brief, to each of your readers’ comments. Not all bloggers do that and it is of course a very time consuming thing to do I’m sure. But the fact that you do, and that you clearly do read all of our comments, makes it a very special blog, to me anyway, and I’d like to thank you for taking such care of us and so much time out of your busy days.
    Talking of busy, these young girls are so absorbing! It’s good to see them growing and getting braver every day. Strangely, the big Buff Orpington standard seems to be the most timid and the two little bantams are the feistier ones!! I think the White one will be top hen, but still waiting to see as they mature. Two of them have taken weeds from my hand, but not corn. I’ll be patient! I’ve been reading and talking to hen lovers, getting into a new daily routine, coping with automatic pop-hole-opener failures and buying more bits and pieces as I get to learn what I need and how I’m going to care for them! Mad, but we’re loving it! Oh, and I think we’ve finally got names for them! Buffy ( no prizes!), Florence (Gold Laced Bantam) & Bo – short for Boadicea!!- (Silver Lavender Bantam).
    Last weekend was so,lovely, sunny and warm and we had friends round Sunday that we’d not seen for years, but it was as if time had stood still and we just took off where we left off! Sitting in the garden, newly planted and finally almost finished, watching our 3 hens and chatting away, was a dream. Sounds silly, but it’s what we’ve been working so very hard for over these last few years of our new life here in our village and it’s finally arrived! So I shall wait with interest your post about eating with friends! I’ll pick up some tips I’m sure. Have a lovely week with your family and who won the kayaking?!

    1. Hi Marian, thank you so very very much for your lovely comment, this means so much to me. I do read every comment, I love reading every comment, I am astounded how interested people are and so appreciative that people do take the time to tell me things. Now I am only late replying because for some bizarre reason this comment went into spam and I only saw it by chance this evening. I have no idea why it does this sometimes! I love the hens names, especially Bo. I am sure they are getting friendlier by the day. Last weekend sounds as if it was perfect. I love that with old friends, the true meaning of friendship when you can just start up where you left off years ago as if it was a week ago. I am so happy that everything is coming up trumps for you, it sounds as if you are going to have a really happy time there. Let me know when you get the first egg please and what colour it is. If you have a moment I would love to see some photos! Millie won the kayak race. They were super busy and so we had to take 2 doubles and 3 singles. I gather you are going to have some lovely weather this weekend, enjoy every second of it, hopefully out in your garden, which I am quite sure looks better than ours at the moment, it is parched and brown and suffering from no water! Susan xx

  27. Bonjour Susan!!!! Oh, if ever in France again, I would love to meet up with you! And see Mr. Slowpoke!

    Thank you so much for visiting Vicki and coming to my blog. That means a lot to me! And you asked about the chair in the first photo…yes, I have TWO OF THEM! They are French, and the upholstery is real silk. They are perfectly old, with some of the old silk tattered, and I love them that way. I bought them from another Instagram pal who has a lovely antique shoppe in town! She has the best finds, along with another dear friend who appears in many of my photos. She too has must-have-antiques!

    Enjoy another fabulous summer day. Anita

    1. Bonsoir Anita, would love to meet if you are in France in the future, I shall keep my fingers crossed! As for the chairs, lucky you to have a pair of them, pairs are always so much better. I knew it must be the original fabric, I would love the slightly threadbare silk in parts too, that adds so much to the character and charm of them. The colours are beautiful. Antique one off pieces are surely the best in my opinion, occasionally mixed with something unique and modern for the best of both worlds! Have a wonderful end to the week, Susan x

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