Oh Gosh, I’m in the dog-house again! I just can’t help chasing chickens. I know I’m not meant to, and I know I get shouted at, and I know it’s wrong, but the problem is, it’s just SO much fun. I had been good recently, too, but then life changed in the chicken world and I was tempted into sin once more.

You see, Falafel – the young rooster – decided perhaps he wasn’t so happy to share all the girls with Fritz after all, and so they fought. I know, I even heard Mum saying they never fight, but I laughed to myself; what did she really know about animals and chickens, of course I knew all along they would fight. I even mentioned it to Bentley the other night and he agreed too, silly humans.

Anyway, the point is now Fritz is all alone; he wanders sadly around the garden and he’s nowhere near as lively as he used to be. I thought I’d pop over and say hello, cheer the old chap up a bit; a little play-date with me would surely put a spring back in his step….alas, the grown ups saw me, and gosh, did they yell. I stopped of course, I’m quite good like that, but when they weren’t looking I ran over and started playing again. So now I have a double game; chasing Fritz and making sure the humans don’t see me; it’s a little bit like hide and seek.

The weather has been gorgeous and everyone’s been busy in the garden so I get to be outside a lot at the moment which gives Rory, my best friend, a bit of a break. I’ve learnt that cats tend to do things the other way round from us; they love to sleep upstairs, curled up on the bed all day long and they don’t care much for playing. But then, just as darkness falls, and just as I’m thinking it’s time for me to curl up in front of the fire when BANG, they come alive and want to play; they’re such confusing creatures, and then, to put me in even more of a quandary, Bentley likes to sleep all day AND all night. I mean where’s the fun in that? and just as I am coming to terms with all of this and thinking I’ll forego my little snooze and play, Rory falls asleep beside me! Talking about cats, the other one, Clara, who I hardly ever see, is also slightly odd. She doesn’t like coming in the house at all, but she does love playing chase, so I guess she must be okay. The only problem is she won’t play chase with me; I chase her till she climbs a tree, but she never chases me back. She’ll chase other things in the garden quite happily, especially those small grey things with very long tails and when she does that everyone says how brilliant she is. No one ever tells me I’m brilliant when I play chase, I just get shouted at. Life is just so unfair.


So I wondered if maybe I should ask Bentley if he wants to play with me, he’s always full of lots of advice and everyone makes such a fuss of him, but maybe he’s a little bored; to be honest I am not really sure I quite understand him at all. Take the other morning for example; Mum and Dad opened the kitchen door and ushered us out into the garden; this is always great for a quick sniff here, a quick sniff there, a quick dart about the bushes elsewhere and then back inside for breakfast. Bentley just sat there, by the door waiting to go back inside; doesn’t he care about the big outdoors? I know he’s the same make as me, we’ve compared notes, we’re even the same colour for goodness sake, though I do admit he’s a little fat whilst I’m a perfectly petite little French girl. He does play for a short while sometimes but then he gets bored and goes off and sunbathes again. Just bizarre behaviour.

Then there’s the question of the car and Bentley, for as soon as anyone opens a car door, I’m in, quick as a flash. Cars are good – sometimes it means we are going somewhere great, and there’s a whole new fabulous adventure to enjoy. Okay, so sometimes it’s a touch boring, and I just stay in the car until I’m home again, but even then I love watching the world go past outside the window; I’ve seen all sorts of sights – cats, dogs, sheep (well I think they are sheep, I asked Bentley about them when I got home and he said my description sounded like sheep, so that’s what I am going to call them) and all sorts of other things. However, I can’t show them to Bentley because he simply hates the car – it’s another weird thing about him; I mean, why would anyone hate the car? He has to be physically manhandled in, and then he just stands there behind the seat on the floor and shakes with fear – I like him a lot and he really has helped me but I do think he is rather odd.

The other place I love to go in the car is to school. This is only a rainy-day event, because often the girls walk home; but when it’s raining Mum or Dad pick them up in the car and I go too. I stand with my paws on the dashboard and look out of the front and lots and lots of little girls come running up to say hello. They all make such a fuss of me, rubbing my tummy and tickling my ears – it’s like I have a little fan club at the school gate, and I really am getting quite used to it.

Another thing I’m learning is all about the ‘lead’. I’m even beginning to understand that I have to walk beside Mum or Dad and not pull a few feet in front of them, with my little paws skidding on the ground. Bentley is brilliant on the lead, no surprises there, and they spend so much time saying what a good chap he is; why can’t they say I’m really good! Why is he so good at everything? Can’t they see he’s weird?

Then yesterday we saw a huge creature with enormous legs; I wanted to chase it. However, Hetty and Gigi wanted to stop and give it an apple; an apple? A whole APPLE? I just couldn’t fathom out why a really nice big red apple was being given to a stranger; anyway, that’s when I asked Bentley what it was and he told me it was a horse. I liked the look of it but it did look as though it needed some fun and I am sure I could beat it in a game of chase, it doesn’t move very much. It wasn’t so much bigger than me well just a bit maybe. I pulled and pulled on the lead but no one would let me go, Bentley even had the audacity to smirk, I asked him about that later, they have big feet he said, hard feet and they kick.

“NEVER chase a horse! And never chase a COW” he muttered. “What’s a cow?” I asked?


My favourite place to walk is when we cross the road behind the house and head out into the country, I know we’ll both be let off the lead, I can run and run, and I try and come back whenever I’m called; this is another thing I’m getting quite good at. I’ve learnt that as soon as they call “Evie!” I must come running and then they’re happy; they make such a fuss, anyone would think I’d just done something really good. Sometimes they even give me treats, yummy edible little nibbles, just because I came when they said my name – I will never ever understand these humans. Then I go off again, I must cover at least five times as much ground as Bentley, but he is quite fun, he does run a bit with me, he even stops and sniffs with me.


Anyway, let me finish by telling you about a new hobby I have. I’ve learnt to dig holes! It’s fantastic! If I work up enough speed earth flies everywhere! I dig and dig, deeper and deeper, and usually I can go unnoticed, for I have to admit I get shouted at for this as well. Though if I choose a quiet spot no one sees me and here Bentley has been quite helpful. He’s explained to me that the big humans won’t tell me off if they don’t actually catch me doing something wrong; so, as long as I have dug the hole and had my fun, by the time they find the mess it’s too late; they’ll continue to sound cross, and they’ll huff and they’ll puff and sigh and they’ll even say “what are we going to do with her” – but I don’t get shouted at.

Then yesterday, I caught something! I actually caught something from all my digging; it’s called a mole, apparently, and it makes an even bigger mess in the garden than I do. It’s the strangest of creatures, and I found out about them quite by chance one day while snoozing in the grass and I woke up to find the earth starting to sprout up into a volcano in front of my very eyes! Ever since then whenever I find one of the mounds of earth they make, I dig down as fast as I can to where they seem to live in an underground tunnel, and we all get very dirty. Golly, they dig almost as fast as I can. Anyway, I actually caught one the other day, and better still, the humans were happy! They didn’t tell me off, they didn’t shout, they didn’t mutter about what on earth they were going to do with me next, they actually said “well done”. Of course, I immediately went off and dug ten new holes and then I got shouted at again. I was so confused.

I lay next to Bentley by the fire that night and told him all about it, and he just rolled over and told me not to worry and went back to sleep, so I thought I’d do the same, maybe I’ll dream about chasing rabbits.


31 thoughts on “EVIE SPEAKS AGAIN

  1. Another incredibly entertaining and excellent piece of writing. The world according to Evie – I love it!
    I had a terrier as a child and remember well her love of digging holes.

  2. Loved seeing the day through Evie’s eyes! What a funny pup she is… And especially adored the photo of the dogs and the kitty snuggling… Thanks for sharing!

  3. I just found you this last week through Southern Hospitality and I am so glad I did. You have a beautiful life. I enjoy reading and learning about the life and culture of others. We live in North Carolina in the US, and have 4 Boston Terriers Doggies that my husband and I share our life with, like to cook, garden, read and also work full time still for four more years. I loved Evie and her words.so look forward to more of your Our French Oasis.

    1. Hi Donna, so glad you found me and welcome to the blog, great to have you following along. I love Boston Terriers and four of them must be fantastic! Thank you for taking the time to comment and I look forward to sharing more stories with you. Have a lovely week, Susan x

  4. I’m in love with Evie….Bentley also. I wonderful start to my day. The women we get our eggs from has 2 Jack Russells and many…many chickens roaming around. On Saturdays when we pick up our enormous…..brown of course…..eggs I think of your happy menagerie


    1. Hi Ali, it sounds as if you get your eggs from a great place! Talking of enormous eggs, we had one yesterday that was so huge we feel sure it must be a triple Yorker, I have heard the exist but we have never had one yet – who knows, maybe this time!!! Have a great week, Susan x

  5. Ah, Evie, the world is such a confusing place sometimes. You must understand that some of us (Bentley and myself) are by temperament introverted. That means we don’t like to get out in the hustle and bustle but are content to sit by the fire. In my case, to read…Bentley I gather, naps. You on the other hand sound like you are very extroverted. The busier the better works for you. Then of course, there are times when the same action has very different results…like digging. Good when you catch something like a nasty mole. Bad when you get caught without anything to show for it, and lets face it, mostly just for pure pleasure on your part, right mate? I can surely see why you are confused. The good news is that your humans understand that they aren’t always logical and that you simply can’t help exploring your world…but as Bentley told you, just try not to get caught, okay?

    P.S. Your humans really love you a lot. Lucky Evie.

    1. Hi Mary, loved reading this thank you, I shall tell Evie! And as you say such good advice, don’t get caught! She can almost get away with things in the winter as the garden is far from at it’s best, the grass is longer and no one is too terribly bothered! Have a great week, Susan x

      1. We trained her not to with an electric collar, but lately she seems to have forgotten her ‘training’ and she runs after them like crazy. I should probably give her a few refresher sessions. I know electric collars are sometimes frowned upon but in my experience it’s the only way with willful hunting dogs. I have one that rings as opposed to sending an electric shock and as she’s very sensitive it works…

  6. I’m Australian, living in the Dordogne, and have just discovered you! Such a charming story about your Evie. Many chuckles reading of her antics. Thank you.

    1. Hi Karen, welcome to the blog and great to have you following along and so glad you enjoyed reading about Evie. How long have you been in the Dordorgne and I hope you are enjoying life there, it’s a beautiful part of France. Have a great week, hope it’s not too stormy with you, it is blowing a gale here, 4 to 5 metre waves on the coast. Susan x

  7. What a lovely tale! It would make a great children’s storybook I think! The world through Evie’s Eyes! Loved the cuddle-up photo! Thank you for brightening a wet & windey Monday morning!

    1. Hi Marian, the antics of Evie, she’s getting quite a reputation! I wonder if she really does see things how we perceive her to or if in fact it is totally different! It’s a very very stormy day here today, off to the coast to take some photos, the waves are reportedly 5 metres high according to the radio, so thought I might go and have a quick look (from the safety of the cliffs!). It will be spring soon! Susan x

  8. Wonderful story from the dog’s view, I love it!
    Evie is full of herself, youthful and joyful! I want to hear more from Evie’s point of view. I often talk for my Miss Kitty! She is more dog than cat and loves to smell tires and is quite vocal, especially when she wants the faucet turned on to drink from the stream even though she has 3 water bowls. Aren’t pets adorable!

      1. Yes, She is an integral part. We saved her at 3 months old from a hot
        98 degree day in a parking lot. Skinny as can be but very sweet from the beginning. I think someone dropped her off because she had a crooked hind leg and conjunctivitis but we have been blessed with her. Could not be without her. She is a love!

  9. I found your site a few months ago and everything you have written is so charming and, literally, makes my day. I love your impromptu meandering so around the country, hearing about the schools (oo la la…the lunches) your gardening and especially your chooks, pups and cats. Seriously, have you thought about gathering your writings and making a book, or two, or three about living in France? If Peter Mayle can be published, you are just as delightful in your writings!

    Evie is a bonafide rascal. What a giggle.

    1. Hi Rosie, I am so glad you did find the blog and great to have you following along. I really enjoy writing about our life here, I am not quite sure I am in the Peter Mayle league but thank you for such a wonderfully encouraging comment it is really so very much appreciated. Susan x

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