Frenchify your Home – Brocante Sale Today


Don’t you think we all need a little treat every now and then, it gives us a boost, lifts our spirits and well, why not, I am sure you deserve it.

So today, for 24 hours only, starting now, I am offering you 25% off every single item in our Etsy Shop.     Just one click away here or on any of the highlighted links. And don’t forget we only charge shipping for one item, the second, third, fourth item(s) is/are added for free, so you can shop until you drop, knowing that for once the shipping won’t cripple you!

Have fun, add a little Frenchness to your home and most of all have a lovely Sunday, I hope you have or have had a lovely weekend . xx


14 thoughts on “Frenchify your Home – Brocante Sale Today

  1. What a lovely idea. I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t even know you had a shop. I’ve been reading your blog for years. How could I not have noticed? Glad to see all the treasures. If I had a house…

  2. Bonjour Susan! I follow your lovely life and have a problem I hope you can help me with. My Grandfather, Paul Fenasse, was an artist in France and I recently purchased one of his paintings that came up for auction in Limoges. I am having the worst time trying to find a company that can ship it. Because of the size, FedEx wants over $1,500US to ship and DHL will not get back to me. TNT is now FedEX and UPS wants $1,500 US, as well. Aren’t there other options for larger items? It weighs 12 kg and is 155x82x20cm (25lbs and 61″x32″x8″). I’m hoping that you or one of your followers might have a cheaper option. I might just have to ship it to my cousin in Lyon, and be done with the stress of it. Thanks so much! Chris C.

  3. Hi Susan, I have been away for a long trip and before that swamped by life (a daughter-in-law delivering our first grandchild- a girl! a daughter running the Boston Marathon! a different daughter-in-law getting into medical school! a lot of training for a biking and hiking vacation in Europe that was wonderful! So much to be thankful for but also so crazily busy!). But I very happily had a long sit down to read your posts that I had missed and what a treat! Thank you, as always, for the wonderful photos and descriptions that you share with us. I loved every word and picture. Congratulations on Evee’s puppies!! What a blessing for the whole family though hard on her, poor girl! The photo of the newborns was so sweet. And your potting shed! Oh, my! Such a charming refuge for you to do your thinking, potting and arranging. Well done! We have had such a similar spring here in Washington DC. Freezing cold and then a crazy supercharged spring! Your shop items are so beautiful and very, very tempting but we are trying to downsize at this stage so have a rule not to bring anything new into the house that can’t be eaten or drunk! Have missed being a part of this lovely group and am happy to be back. 😉

    1. Hi Anne, fabulous to hear from you again and wow you have been busy, but congratulations on your first grandchild, I can imagine how exciting that must be and there will be so many more fabulous times to follow. it sounds as if your children have all been doing incredible things, well done to all of them. Such a strange spring I agree, it is so up and down. However, one cannot complain, nature will sort it out one way or another, so long as we don’t mess with it too much! Enjoy all of your time with you smaller home and your family. Your holiday by the way sounds like the perfect one, just the type I adore! xx

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