A World of Puppies


It was always planned; that late in the winter we would find a suitable mate for Evie, our little Jack Russell, with the idea that she should have puppies in the spring.


She is without doubt one of the nicest dogs I have ever met; a permanent companion, full of life, and one who will run for hours, although she is more than happy to also snooze in the sun. She will jump in the car to join me wherever I go and then she’ll sit quietly on the seat – so still you wouldn’t even know she was there. To anyone who does not know the ‘European’ Jack Russell, you can forget any stories you may have heard about over-excitable hyper-dogs; this brand of JR is anything but. In fact she is so popular that one puppy was sold long before it was even conceived, let alone alive and breathing!


Our romantic plans all went well and with much excitement the due day approached. But then disaster struck. Her first two puppies were stillborn at around 7am one morning as we roused the household for school. Much panic followed – we called the vet who didn’t answer, and the emergency line was no help either. Children needed breakfast and driving to school, Millie stayed behind to act as nurse (she learnt an awful lot that day by staying at home). There was still no answer from the vet but it was obvious Evie was going to have another puppy quite soon and so we hurriedly got our supplies ready – thin disposable gloves, sterilised scissors and plenty of old clean cloths. Then we waited. All we wanted was just one live puppy, and silently we said our prayers.

Around 10am the third puppy was born. It was still in its sac and Evie showed little interest. Millie took control, breaking the sac and clearing the tiny puppy’s face so the little thing could breath, and at this stage Evie’s maternal instincts finally kicked into place and she did the rest. Hurrah – we had saved one puppy and another quickly followed within ten minutes. Another healthy boy this time who did not need any human intervention.


The morning passed quickly, and because it was a Wednesday the children were all home by midday. I met them outside school grinning from ear to ear as we had two live puppies and I was quite sure there was another to come.

Sure enough, as we walked in the door, Millie met us with a “Be quick!”, and we all watched, scarcely able to breath, just hoping beyond hope that all would be well. Number three puppy was swiftly delivered, safe and sound. Evie was doing a fabulous job, but still none of them had suckled. It was time for a little ‘human help’ once more and slowly we held their tiny heads as we encouraged them to find a teat and start nursing. ‘Nurse Millie’ patiently helped each of them, and eventually they all took their first milk; another sigh of relief all round! The afternoon passed slowly and around 4pm a fourth healthy puppy was born, followed in quick succession by another. Within a couple of hours we had two more –  seven healthy puppies, all of them nursing and all seemed well!


Millie put up a camp bed in the study and decided that she would sleep in there for the night, keeping a watchful eye on them. One puppy still needed a little encouragement to feed and every two hours Millie woke herself to make sure it was getting some milk.


Thursday dawned bright and clear. The puppies were all still alive but Evie was not herself and we called the vet who told us to bring her straight in. We carried our precious cargo, mother and babies, in a shallow padded cardboard box into the car and drove the short ten minute journey into Rochefort. Evie had no temperature but the vet was also concerned, she could feel something inside. She took an x-ray which showed nothing and so she followed this with a thorough scan which revealed that there was a placenta, or part of one, which had not been delivered.

We left with an armful of medicine, vitamins and homeopathic pills which would hopefully encourage her body to expel what was left. The vet had also given Evie two large antibiotic injections which would take immediate effect and a ten-day course of pills. Along with this we had puppy-milk powder, a tiny bottle and teats. Evie had very little milk which was certainly not enough for seven babies and we were going to have to help her out. There was also the worry that if she did not eject the placenta within 24 hours the vet would have to operate. It was a very tense day and night. Between us all we kept a permanent vigil but the antibiotics and medicine did their job quickly, and Evie became brighter and more alert. There were several trips into the garden and it quickly became apparent that surgery would not be necessary.


And so the first week took over our lives. Millie made a chart using the names we had given them as they were born, names that had just seemed appropriate at the time, and this way we kept track of their growth, aware to those that were struggling. On the vet’s advice we started weighing them from day three onwards. Slowly Evie’s milk supply increased as she started to feel better and we could stop the bottle feed. We weighed them at the same time each day.




Now the puppies are two weeks old, and already they’re scarcely recognisable from the tiny little things that came into this world just fifteen days ago – their muzzles are covered in fur and any day their eyes will open for the first time!

IMG_9641IMG_9568Still we weigh them  and Mum keeps a watchful eye to make sure we were not doing anything untoward.


They’re tough little things, shuffling on their tummies to get where they want to go, permanently suckling if Evie is with them. Tumbling over one another and feeding upside down if that is what it takes to get a teat and keep hold of it without letting another sibling push them out of the way. There’s a lot of pushing and shoving. It’s a permanent game of rough and tumble.


Evie often prefers to lie on the old leather sofa, next to them but out of reach. She’ll observe them with one eye open, allowing herself a little peaceful time away from the scrum.


They are incredible time wasters. But not all of us are quite so taken with the new arrivals, in fact some are less than amused. Rory our great big furry cat and Evie’s best four-legged friend doesn’t know quite what to make of it all; in fact he is so confused I thought it might be best if he explained his thoughts himself –


“At first I wasn’t too sure what was happening, I only knew that Evie hadn’t been quite as playful as usual in the week before these new ‘things’ arrived. She didn’t seem quite so ready to pin me to the floor in a mock fight the moment she saw me, and she’d got sooooo fat. Of course, I must just put you straight on one thing – Evie only thinks she is winning;  I may appear to lie hapless on my back whilst she stands over me a leg at each corner looking smug, but you and I know that I only have to give her one decent swipe across her nose with my claws and she’ll go running, squealing like a banshee and I would be the victor.

Anyway, back to these ‘things’ in that box with her. I sauntered into the study one morning, after a good night’s hunting, ready for some comfort time and a little tussle with Evie, after which I would find a nice bed upstairs where I could snooze for the day. However, there were tiny squeaks coming from a box in the corner. “A mouse!!”  I thought and my ears instantly pricked up, my senses suddenly on full alert. I silently crept over, ready to pounce, all thoughts of sleep forgotten, but jeez, there wasn’t a mouse but two or three wriggling things and a little blood and Evie curled up with them giving me an evil stare. I scarpered pretty quickly I can tell you. Since then I have checked in on the box and the ‘things’ a few more times; there are more of them, and while the blood has gone they’re getting bigger! I admit though, they’re of no interest to me. Evie’s no longer a ready and waiting playmate and spends most of her time with them – these new additions have not made me happy at all.

However, Bentley was a little more cheerful at first. He and I get along just fine, he’s not Evie and he never plays, but we’re friends. I had a chat with him to ask him what he thought of the situation and I can tell you he was feeling pretty pleased with himself. This is what he had to say.


“Well at first I was a little put out, I seemed to have been temporarily forgotten, or at least it felt like that, everyone was running around paying attention to the French girl and her newest additions. I’ve seen puppies many times, being an ex-prime stud dog I’ll have you know. A champion many times over I might add, and hundreds of children to my name. But that was a lifetime ago; now I’m a contented old chap, happy with my lot and more than willing to leave the baby thing to someone else. But, there is always an upside, and that in my case is food, never far from my thoughts and I found a way to get more than the measly portions that the family give me. It was a cunning touch of genius on my behalf. You see Evie needs as much food as she can eat, so they keep saying, which to start with put my nose right out of joint. That and the fact that she, my friend, had the nerve to growl at me when I went to look at her wee bairns, the cheek of it. Well that did it, my mind was set. When she popped out of the house to do her business, I snuck into the study and there in the open – for all to see – was her bowl of food, only half-eaten! Full of rich meat and even richer puppy meal for optimum vitality and weight gain, all mixed together and just waiting for ME! I wolfed it down. Everyone praised Evie for eating so much more now that she was feeling better and I was licking my lips, with a permanent satisfied grin on my face. All was well in my world for a few days and then someone gave me a second glance one evening, and then a third, and then everyone stared and there was some serious talk. I had to prick up my ears to make sure I heard it correctly but it became apparent my scheme had been rumbled….I had to really choke back the tears. They said I looked fat again, they said I was a roly-poly once more, they said all sorts of mean things and then she, her who must be obeyed, got straight to the point, she guessed what I had been up to; there was much nodding and agreement. I was back on my diet before I could blink and Evie’s bowl is now out of reach. Now she’s gaining weight and they are all wildly enthusiastic about it. How can that be fair? I’m starving to death again and the only elation surrounding me is if I lose a pound…..I tell you, I will never understand humans.”

So you see puppy life has been good for some and not so much for others! It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster for us all, but would we do it again, hell yes!



118 thoughts on “A World of Puppies

  1. What excitement! So glad all went well after the disappointment of the first two. Are you planning on keeping some or will you be finding homes for them all? Perhaps too early to make that decision.

    1. We were so glad too, it was such a worrying time I can tell you. Yes we are planning on keeping one, I think three dogs will be more than enough! But we are not sure which yet, the jury is still out! xx

  2. Who can resist a puppy? They’re sooooooooooo cute. Lovely tale, particularly the viewpoints of your other four-legged housemates.

  3. Congratulations to Evie and all of you on the new arrivals, they are absolutely gorgeous!!!!! To me it’s clear that you all knew what you were doing and took care of mom and pups excellently — unlike a lot of people unfortunately! Just by looking at the newborn photos and now they’ve grown so much! Glad to hear they’re all healthy and energetic and that Evie is better! Keep us up to date on their progress and can’t wait to see more photos of the adorable pups! Also kudos to Millie for being such a good pup doctor! Congrats again to all of you and have a good week! Josie

    1. They have indeed grown so much, over double their weight since day 3 when we first started weighing them. Midwife Millie was and still is a superstar, lots of photos all the time on instagram! xx

    1. It is so much fun and also they are such huge time wasters! I am guessing and hoping also that your hand is much better and well healed as you are writing again. Hope it was not too painful and that all is good. xx

  4. They are adorable. What a fun adventure for you all. How is Roddy enjoying grand-doggy-hood? Wish I was in a position to have one. We’d be related!

    1. He is loving it (at the moment)! This is the easy time, no mess to clean up, Evie does it all, but wait another week or two and things will start to get a great deal harder, he might not be so happy then!! xx

  5. Oh wow! What a fantastic post and I’m so pleased that everything turned out well in the end. Many years ago, I had a broken coated J R called Nellie. She had puppies but there were only three in the litter. If I was nearer … but you’ve probably got potential homes. I wonder if you’ll keep one?!

    1. Three sounds like a far more manageable number, I am amazed we had so many puppies, poor Evie, she is not big at all, no wonder she was so enormous! We will definitely keep one, but the jury is still out as to which one! xx

        1. We did have our choice all organised and then one by one we weren’t so sure! Now of course we are a split camp. The trouble is I actually love them all, I could cuddle them for hours! xx

  6. Oh bundles of bundles of gorgeousness! What a birthing saga poor Evie had but these JRs are wonderfully resilient and it seems that Midwife Millie steered the little boat of babies in the right direction and that now it will be plain sailing ⛵️ Congratulations to you all, including the disgruntled ex-stud …. I’m awfully sorry fella but your words just made me laugh which may not be your intention – I promise I will try to be more sympathetic in future but I’m a sucker for babies and these are just a joy! Xx

    1. Midwife Millie was a superstar. She took a big gulp and just did whatever needed to be done. I can tell you she learnt a great deal more about herself and everything else that morning than she would have at school! Now it is still all easy, Evie does all the work, but wait a week and life will get super complicated once more, then it might be time to move them from the house into the boot room, or perhaps they can have the summer kitchen! The ex stud is looking trim once more but is seriously disgruntled as Evie is now fed five times a day, full portions and he still gets his measly one and absolutely no snacking allowed!! I even am beginning to feel sorry for him but I know I must not give in! Hope all is well in your busy busy world, time for a catch up me thinks xx

      1. Oh Bentley – life is so tough. The Bean is very disgruntled since she is now being restricted as a result of 3 weeks staying at my mothers which is always catastrophic for her svelteness! Real life teaches our children so much and I am so glad that you were insightful enough to be parents who gave Millie the opportunity. I wait for pupdates with impatience … they are soooo gorgeous! Xx

        1. I could bore you all day long with updates! Their eyes are all open and they are actually taking their first steps, they are such time wasters, but so fabulous! Now, are you back in France and are you freezing?? I see that the Cantal and the Ardeche etc has snow, the most snow in May since 1987, and the depths that I have read about are incredible. What is happening to our weather. Nearly a metre at 1600 metres, one could be skiing again! We’ve gone from hot, in the 30’s, to cold, around 14 in the space of a week. Now it is meant to get much warmer again, too bizarre!! xx

          1. the weather is batty bonkers for sure. A friend who lives at around 1300 metres in Cantal sent pictures yesterday and it is outrageous – you would think it February except that when you look closely the window boxes are in flower. I blame Donald Trump – after all the weather comes over from the US to your coast most of the time 😉 I can’t imagine how you are getting anything done at all with those little bundles to distract you …. IOU an email and will send it in the morning 🙂 xx

          2. I have recounted this story of the winter scene but with the spring window boxes to several people today, just unbelievable. We have had sunshine here this week, but the wind is really cold and so strong as well, strange May weather. Trust me the puppies are the hugest distraction, we have to tear ourselves away! If only you were closer you could come for a cuddle! xx

          3. It snowed in Cantal last May but not to this extent – just a transient blizzard that was gone before anyone reached for their shovels. This year is patently proof of climate change, I think. Trust ME – if I were closer you wouldn’t hold me back from those baby bundles! Xx

          4. Climate change indeed, the weather is anything but normal here too, no snow, but May has been a mixture of extreme highs and lows. Now the puppies, oh wow, one fell asleep in my arms this evening, Friday they start on solid food, it’s just like having a baby in the house again only everything happens in weeks rather than months! xx

          5. I confess I feel quite broody – fortunatly The Bean is spayed otherwise I might be having wholly inappropriate thoughts about finding her a stud! xx

          6. I can imagine that, it is just like having a baby in the house, now we are talking about introducing solid foods and how to feed them, a little bit on the tip of one’s finger to get them to taste it. A puree of soaked to soften puppy meal and puppy milk powder! Brings back many memories!! xx

          7. A puppy falling asleep n your arms this (Wednesday) evening sounds like heaven to me. We have just learned that tomorrow evening, our brother-in-law, who owns a Minneapolis pet-transportation (by customized van) service, will be stopping at our house overnight with a Newfoundland puppy. I’m guessing that the puppy may just have been weaned, as our brother-in-law is taking him/her to his/her new family in California. We are very excited!!!

          8. oooh how exciting, I imagine it will already by the size of a small shetland pony! But what fun and yes you are right, puppies falling asleep in our arms is just the best thing! xx

          9. Your puppy updates are the opposite of boring…they are uplifting and beautiful, and I look forward to, and very much enjoy, them every day! I doubt that a litter of puppies ever has had a better home and family in/with which to start their lives. Now off to your Instagram to see if you have posted any videos of those first steps or photographs of those open eyes. A very appreciative member of your extended community, Leslie

          10. I will take some videos of them and put them on instagram and some more photos, trust me I don’t need any excuse! We love them, we cuddle them non stop, they are very sociable little beings already and it is great that they are being brought up with other dogs, cats and children. Cannot wait until they are running around on the lawn! xx

    1. Millie was a superstar, worrying times but so worth it, they are such time wasters, but also so fabulous, I cannot believe how they have grown in just two weeks, this evening a couple of eyes appear to be opening, it is all so exciting! xx

  7. Adorable. They are just the push I needed to remind you that it’s time for that lunch. May is booked, unfortunately, but maybe a time in June? I think you have my email but if you don’t, let me know.

  8. We have just been there ourselves. One day, 6 months ago, there was a screaming from the rubbish bin out in the street. It sounded, at first, as though a cat had got in the bin and was trapped. On investigation, there was a plastic bag with on dead puppy and the source of all the noise, a sibling screaming his head off. Nothing could be done for the deceased but for the other, just hours old (still with a dripping cord attached), there was hope.

    Initially he was fed from a syringe, then a bottle. Now, six-months old, he is a strapping young fellow who would eat us out of house and home, given the chance. Because he has never known any difference, we are his Mum and Dad. Our other two dogs, also rescues, have suffered a bit, since they are older, having to come to terms with having a boisterous toddler in the house.

    1. Oh my goodness what a story, and so fortunate that you were walking past and heard the noise. I cannot imagine how anyone could dump a live puppy, or presumably there were two live ones when they did it, in a rubbish bin. It’s just too awful for words and with the cord still attached, it is just horrible. But well done you, I know what hard work that must have been, What breed, or cross breed, does he appear to be? Thank you so much for retelling this sad but also wonderful story, big bravo to you. xx

  9. Love these prescious gifts God gives us for a time. How in the world would you ever give them away when they have become one of your children? I hate mean folks.

  10. Squeals! The puppies are beyond adorable. Life around your oasis is quite interesting these days I suspect and selfishly am just tickled pink at being able to see these new babies grow into sweet dogs like their mum. Many congratulations to one and all!

    1. Life is very interesting and very busy, but the hard work hasn’t even started yet, for the moment, Evie does all the work, but wait another week, then it will get super busy!! I shall keep you updated with photos don’t worry, they are just too adorable and we are too excited not to share them! xx

        1. I could waste half of my day cuddling them and taking photos and boring everyone silly with them! Yesterday the first of them started opening their eyes, now only two are left who have not opened them, some have one eye open and one closed, it is just too gorgeous for words. And they are getting stronger, another week and they should be walking, it’s all really rather incredible and amazing to watch first hand. Now they have been moved into the kitchen because Evie likes to be with us and she was not with them nearly enough, but now they are in the kitchen she is much happier to lie with them and let them nurse because she is in the same room as us. It’s a busy time!! xx

  11. What a worry for you all with Evie being unwell, so pleased she recovered, and well done Millie on being such a brilliant midwife! Poor old Rory, his tale did make me laugh, I think he needs a few extra cuddles when you can tear yourselves away from the puppies, which isn’t easy to do I’m sure. xx

    1. It was really worrying, plus the vet said that if we had left it another day then she could have developed septicaemia which would have most likely been fatal. Thank goodness we took her in when we did. Rory and Bentley are getting plenty of attention don’t worry! But the puppies really have stolen the limelight for the time being! xx

  12. The puppies are adorable – love their plump tummies! Millie certainly took good care of all.

  13. Your post was quite a roller-coaster of emotions, from sadness at the stillborn pups to worry that Evie’s instincts weren’t kicking in … and finally to joy that mom and babies were OK. But the real hero of the day is Millie! Please tell her this gal in Minnesota sends her a big “attagirl” for being such a wonderful (and smart and caring) puppy midwife. Poor Rory, though. I loved his commentary! He must be very mystified indeed, but I suspect that in a few weeks he’ll have a *lot* more playmates. 🙂

    1. Millie says a very big thank you! She really was a superstar, she was nervous, she took a big gulp and then did what had to be done. We are so proud of her. Imagine what Rory will be like when they are all running around on the lawn in the sunshine, it is going to be somewhat chaotic I suspect! xx

  14. I’ve been laughing and “ahhing” and just thoroughly enjoying all this family mayhem, in particular the comments of Bentley and Rory. Wish I was there to hold one of those adorable “things”! I find your gift to write stories so delightful I actually have a grin planted on my face when I see my mail with OurFrench Oasis showing up.
    My day is made. Thank you. ❣️

    1. Thanks so much Liane, what a truly lovely thing to say. I wish I could let everyone come by and have a cuddle, they are so adorable and they have that wonderful puppy smell, all clean and fresh. As you can tell we are all quite smitten with the new additions. xx

  15. Oh goodness, what a time you’ve all had. Poor Evie, losing two pups, but you are all so caring and Millie sounds as if she’s been so grown up and a wonderful nurse. The pups look amazing, can’t believe the difference in such a short time!! Oh Bentley, you wait till these wriggly things start walking about in your space!! You ain’t seen nothing yet!!
    A lovely post Susan, thank you.

    1. It was quite a rollercoaster. Imagine when you are here they should be running around on the lawn, then the fun will really begin! Maybe Bentley will even be tempted to play a little!! xx

  16. I want one of those babies, if only I wasn’t on the other side of the big pond and then some. Sounds as if it was quite a stressful time, well done Millie and all of you. Now enjoy them.

  17. This takes me back! Back in Scotland we had an older yellow lab, a retired, much decorated gun dog who had a number of false pregnancies so no surprise we did not even realize she was having puppies though we should have suspected something was up when the rascally Collie from two doors down was observed sitting expectantly in the park opposite, obviously aware his unauthorized progeny were about to make their appearance.Sadly, Amber actually buried two puppies in the garden before anyone cottoned on. The third survived though Amber was an indifferent mother at best. 10-year old me wanted desperately to keep him but my parents refused to relent. In denial, I went off to the local pet shop with my saved-up pocket money to buy a smart red leather collar and lead only to discover on my return that his new owners had arrived. Flash, as we called him was last seen driving off in a canary yellow Cadillac of all things! Quite a sight in Scotland in the 60’s. His new owner was the commander of the local American Nuclear Submarine Base and Flash went on to fame and fortune in the Chesapeake Bay area. He sent us Xmas Cards every year and lived to a ripe old age.

    1. What a wonderful story, you actually brought tears to my eyes. I can relate to so much of this, to going off and buying the collar and lead and your disappointment when you returned and you were too late. At least he sounds as if he had a fabulous life, but I am sure he would have been even happier at home with a 10 year old to play with. Evie’s puppies were earlier than the dates the breeder gave us, which didn’t help at all. When the first two arrived, both stillborn, we were convinced it was because they were premature, the panic that followed was immense, especially when we had no help from the vet. Fortunately it appears they weren’t premature at all, although she is a very well respected breeder, so I cannot see how she got her dates wrong. Anyway, fortunately all ended well. Our yellow lab we had when we were first married was a failed gundog by contrast to yours! We got her when she was 11 months old because she was quite gun-shy, super pedigree, but no use for what she was bred for. She made a wonderful friend for all of us though and had one litter of nine puppies, (planned), the first was born under our bed! xx

  18. Precious! A great experience for all, human, canine or otherwise. I’ve always loved JR’s but the ones I have come across here in the states are hyper. Interesting to learn that the European variety is much more mellow. Congrats to Evie and everyone in your family.

    1. They are gorgeous Kathleene. I remember the hyper JR’s in the States and also whenever I mentioned them to anyone they would say I was mad to love JR’s because they are crazy dogs. Interestingly Bentley, who we got as a 4 year old when his stud life was over was imported into Florida from Australia. He was born in Sydney and a breeder bought him because he wanted to introduce a calmer non US line of JR’s! We had JR’s all my life on our farm in the UK and they were never hyper, nor are they are. In fact they are the best companions imaginable. Yesterday we were on the beach for a couple of hours with the children and people were paddle boarding with their JR’s. Two of them! xx

    1. I know we could not believe it. Way too many for such a small girl, no wonder she was so huge and so uncomfortable at the end, poor Evie. We worried that 7 would be a struggle, but she appears to be coping just fine, we are feeding her five times a day and she has calcium and vitamin tablets too. Can’t wait for her to put some weight back on though once they are weaned as she is too thin, but we are doing everything we can and she is certainly happy and healthy now. xx

    1. Ha ha, I can imagine, they are great little dogs and we love them to bits, wouldn’t be without them for sure. Also I know that they are much calmer over here and in Australia than in the States, perhaps that is why I love them so much! I do like my big dogs, but the smaller ones are certainly easier! xx

    1. It has been an incredible experience and a huge learning curve, the children had never seen an animal give birth before, but they have all been wonderful, taking it in their stride and we are so proud of Millie. Aside from having 7 fabulous happy and healthy puppies we have also I think taught the children a great deal, valuable lessons they won’t forget. xx

      1. The wife and I have decided that since we have not had any vacations in a number of years with the one being so sick that we will forgo any other pets for a while. We soon will be retiring and want to spend some of it traveling around.

  19. I had two Jack Rusell pups a male that developed diabetes and a female that did not. The male was my best little bud and the female was all the way my wife’s dog. These dogs chose us and not so much like we had a choice in the matter. My bud lived to be eleven years old and his sister made it another four years but I believe she was heartbroken and missed her brother every day. I have had other breeds of dogs over the years but the Jack Russell breed was far the best one I had ever owned. These dogs have their own way and they will do many things for you but they have to want to do them for you-you cannot force them to do anything they do not want to do. That is why I loved these dogs it is all about attitude with them. Looks like you will soon be filled with attitude while these fine looking pups wait for there new human folks to arrive and take them home.

    1. @wakeupcall: May I pipe in with a few words?
      Loved your comment – and I loved my dachsie for the same reasons as you praised your JRs… I always said that my doxie had maybe a bad character streak (she was very stubborn and wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want to but was the dearest little dog anybody could wish for) – but at least she HAD character and wasn’t just a toy-fur-ball….:)

    2. I totally agree with you, they can be as stubborn as can be, but I just love their spunky attitude, nothing is too big or too scary for them. They have so much character for such little people, I think that is what we love about them too, they are tough, but at the same time more than happy to roll over and have their tummies tickled! I can tell you the seven puppies are complete time wasters, they are just all opening their eyes now and it is so exciting, another week and they should be walking! The fun times are only just starting and the hard work too!! xx

  20. Congratulations, Evie, Millie and all the family (including Rory and Bentley)! The puppies are beyond adorable, and the photographs show them off so beautifully. I will enjoy re-reading this post many times. Best wishes as the puppies grow, Leslie in Oregon, with Bob the Long-Haired Dachshund (who sends special greetings to Bentley)

    1. Thanks so much Leslie, I cannot tell you how exciting it has been, and stressful too! But above all the children have learnt so much and Millie really was incredible. Now they are opening their eyes, soon they will be walking and then the real work will begin, but I have no doubt that with lots of pairs of hands around here that it will all work out one way or another! Bentley says a big hello to Bob, he says he pretends to be very disgruntled but really he is loving his new lease of life, running instead of walking, even the puppies are going to be amusing playmates soon!! xx

  21. What a wonderful post! Sign me up for one of the little girls please! All life is precious and so amazing. Cheers to the new mom, babes and her loving human family!

    1. I would happily sign you up for a puppy, but I assume you are joking! I tell you I could keep all of them, they are adorable, but I think 9 dogs in the house would be a bit too much!! So instead we are enjoying every moment of their first few weeks, watching them grow is incredible and very rewarding. xx

  22. Oh oh ohhh….. I only returned home at 8pm tonight but am already nearly out of the door – I want one, I need one, I need to cuddle Evie, cradle Bentley the poor old chappie and maybe talk a bit to Rory to tell him the way things are going to be from now on!
    And then I will definitely have to hug Millie or about a week or so because she really took it on herself to save the doggie world, all on her own! You are a star, my love – Thank you for your help and your courage. And who knows, maybe upon coming back from your ‘great outdoors’ you might feel inclined to look after other pets? Never say never…. 🙂
    Your love (now I’m talking to all of you!!!!), attention, dedication and time to give these littke furry fun-babes a good start into life is highly appreciated. You are ALL stars, really. I am glad you did the right things and took quick and good decisions. I would have been petrified after the first two dead babies!
    Now, HOW do I do that – come and steal one of the prince(sse)s???? You know I want and you know I can’t, not now and not for a very long time – but in my heart is already a big hole where that one puppy should find its place in the future!
    Thank you for those wonderful news – luckily pets are much less complicated than humans – am so glad that Evie made it and is learning the ropes quickly. Wishing you all much patience with the heavy time yet to come – it will be so worth it! Just know that clean houses are highly overrated – the fur-balls are your first priority for the next let’s say 10 weeks 🙂

    1. Ha ha, I tell myself every day that clean houses are overrated! But we have family coming to stay next week and I have to do something!! However, the puppies have been moved into the corner of the kitchen, under the Georgian desk! Because Evie wanted to be with us and not in another room and she was leaving them all the time, so by putting them in here with us, she is now happy to lie with them and let them nurse because she is in the same room as us! So they are even bigger time wasters as we cannot pass them without stopping to say hello and have a good cuddle! Wish wish wish you could come down for a weekend to see them all before they go. Just say the word. Have to tear myself away and head to a brocante for a brief look around. Huge hugs. Email will follow but I was down in Agen all week, another international, so no time at all. xxx

  23. Precious, just Precious…
    To have this experience with your children is priceless.
    I cannot imagine how Evie, being such a small dog, had all 9 babies inside her. Most first
    Litters with dogs are only a few, 3 or 4.
    I am so glad your responded so quickly when Erie was not feeling well. And managed. To get to a good vet.
    We, all, love your critters too, by reading your stories, it is like they are a part of us too.

    Really enjoyed reading the response from Rory and Bentley. It has been a huge change in their lives too.
    Enjoy very minute with your precious little loves.
    Thank God Millie was there to assist. Kudos to her especially.

    1. We cannot believe she had nine puppies either, poor girl, no wonder she was so huge. But all seven are doing wonderfully, all have their eyes open now and are starting to walk a little, incredibly exciting times. Millie did a fabulous job and everyone is learning so much, it is wonderful for the children. xx

    1. I know Igloo is not a name for the longterm! As each puppy was born they sort of just got given a name, Homey for instance was because he was the first puppy born as the children walked in from school on a Wednesday morning (half day in France) and so they just named him Homey! I mean there is nothing very original in any of the names! I agree they smell fabulous. They are so gorgeous, eyes all open now and just starting to walk, it just gets better and better! xx

  24. Oh my goodness, so much puppy cuteness! What a life lesson for your children too, being able to participate in the birthing. I look forward to seeing posts as they grow and puppy play gets more rambunctious 🐶

    1. It has been a wonderful lesson for the children, to be able to see a puppy being born, to watch it come into the world and then to be caring for them each day. Wonderful times for all of us! xx

    I remember getting up for BABY BUNNIES who lost their MUM in the night they had to be bottled fed!

    1. OMG I can imagine that must have been wonderful and very tiring, did the bunnies survive? How adorable. Fortunately the puppies are now all doing well with just their Mum, so the bottle has been put to one side. xx

  26. Oh – what a basketful of wonderment. I really hope they have all left by the time we come by. I can keep Amy away from this post if i say nothing but there is no way she will be able to resist a little Jack Russell if they are still there looking for homes when we come past in the car. No way at all! Hide them, please!

    Good work, Millie, too! Well done…. I bet Roddy is looking forward to having them in the garden creating havoc….. 🙂

    1. I will hide them! They are just too adorable for words and it is very difficult for anyone to say no. I could just cuddle them all non stop all day long! Their little faces and their eyes, which are now all open, and that puppy smell. Well as you can see I am quite besotted! xx

  27. Oh how precious! I was on the edge of my seat while reading.. How exciting.. lots of sweet puppy breath. We have 2 Russell Terriers and they are the smaller less hyper version .. they are sure a joy and full of personality. What a good job by Millie and the rest of your family. Enjoy while they are there with you. I bet it will be hard to pick one and let the others go.

    1. It is impossible to pick one, they are all our favourites! So happy to hear someone else has two JR’s, they are such great companions, wouldn’t be without ours. xx

  28. What a delightful post about the new pups. Millie really came to the aid of Evie & her new little family. We have a beautiful Sheltie (our fourth) & we love her to the moon & back. She is very intelligent & does her best to “talk” to us. Our canine babies are so much a part of our families.

    1. I love Shelties although I have never owned one. Our dogs really are true friends, it is amazing what they do for us. The puppies are adorable. Clever Evie, we are so proud of her xx

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