and the winner is…..

Thank you so much to everyone for entering the giveaway draw.  I was totally overwhelmed by all the fabulous comments here on the blog, on Facebook and on Instagram.  I read every single comment, some brought tears to  my eyes, I truly had no idea so many people gained so much enjoyment from reading this blog, but I am so happy that you love it.  I tried to reply to each and every comment, I believe I did, but if, by chance, I accidentally missed someone then I am extremely sorry.

We put every single name into a big leather bag, the hat we had initially chosen wasn’t big enough!  With eyes closed, Gigi and Hetty rummaged around inside and drew out the first name for the first painting.  Then Jack and Millie followed doing the same for the second painting, and the winners are:-

For the Street Scene – Stacy Goodhart-Elkin

and for the Waterfront Scene – PWBlogger

If the two lucky winners would like to leave me a message on this post I will then receive your email address and can contact you for your address and to arrange for me to mail these to you.  Congratulations.



I am really sorry to everyone else, I would have loved for each and every one of you to win. Thank you once again for entering, I will be back tomorrow with a more regular blog post and am so looking forward to another year of sharing our life and our adventures in France with you.  But most of all, once again thank you to all of you, for without you there would be no blog.  xxx


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