I don’t normally blog on a Sunday.  Today however, is an exception!  This past week has been chilly, autumn has most definitely arrived and with it the delicious warmth of a fire in the evenings, and what better way to enjoy cosying up by the fire than with a fantastic new book.  I am of course talking about Sharon Santoni’s “My Stylish French Girlfriends”.

This is an absolute must for anyone who loves France and all things French.  Sharon, who writes the enormously popular blog My French Country Home, has toured some of her friends houses from Normandy to Provence and in turn her friends have invited her inside to photograph them at work and play, it is unposed and very natural with stunning photography and offers a wonderful glimpse into the lives of some very inspirational French ladies.

When I first started writing this blog Sharon helped me with a lot of great advice.  We were total strangers and yet she was incredibly kind, chatting to me on the phone and offering all sorts of words of wisdom.  She is such a lovely lady and I encourage anyone who loves France to go out and buy this, if you haven’t already done so!  But be warned, jobs will lay unfinished as it is just impossible to put down and you may end up wanting to redecorate your entire house, re-landscape your entire garden or move, lock stock and barrel, to France!

14 thoughts on “MY STYLISH FRENCH GIRLFRIENDS by Sharon Santoni

  1. I received my copy in August and have read it cover to cover 3 times. The Photography is drool making. I glass of wine with any of these women in their gardens would be a fabulous way to spend an afternoon.

  2. AND her assistant for that book is coming to my house for dinner TONIGHT!I might add to RETURN THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!We all LOVED IT!

  3. Totally loved this newest book of Sharon Santoni’s! Pre-ordered and watched the mail daily for it to arrive. Will revisit it again and again.

  4. Got it, read it and wish there was more!! Will save it to read through again during the cold winter days. Definitely a coffee table book and I know my visiting girlfriends will love it!

  5. Hi Susan, thank you so much for writing such a lovely review of my book. I’m really glad you are enjoying it and it’s nice to think that it is keeping you company as our autumn evenings draw in,
    let’s speak again soon

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