Many thanks to “The Good Life France” for publishing my first article in their online newsletter.

If you feel like joining me on our bumbling adventures in French wildlife, take a read…

The Magnifique Marais Poitou Charentes



  1. Wonderful article about one of France’s natural worlds (a topic not often written about in the expat blogs I’ve been reading)! We have had similar adventures exploring local estuaries of the Columbia River in our double kayak.

    1. Thank you Leslie, I am so glad you enjoyed reading it. I can imagine the fun you have had exploring in kayaks, that is what we want to do but I don’t think we are allowed to kayak any of the canals in the Marais, but we are still working on it! Maybe there will find one we are allowed to use!

      1. I hope so. Exploring by kayak can be far less intrusive on wild habitat and its fauna than walking. The silent glide of a kayak seems not to disturb anything, and nearby animals and birds just look at us and then, most often, proceed with whatever they were doing. Last Spring, a bald eagle sat calmly and stared at us as we glided to within four feet of where he was perched on a floating log. He never flew away; it was we who decided we were close enough and gently paddled past him.

        1. Wow that must have been amazing. You are so right about the kayaks being less obtrusive. We used to kayak up the Loxahatchee river in Florida, we got to within a few feet of alligators and turtles, it was incredible. I will keep trying to find a way to kayak in the Marais.

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