HDR_1993 2The photo that started it all

It’s a dismal rainy afternoon in South West France.  The children are on their winter break for two weeks and it’s raining.  What is one to do ? Make cupcakes of course!  So, with the two youngest girls, we baked, we iced, we giggled, spoons were licked and a fine mess was made –  baking with the children is always wonderfully sticky fun.

The girls then said they were going to have a tea party.  I thought this was a great Idea.  So they dressed up in their party clothes, dragged in a small table from the garage, found the low stools and chairs, and then took out some real china and silver napkin rings. I just knew this was going to be one heck of a tea party!

However, the number of place-settings confused me at first, until I realized that an invite had gone out to one of the American Girl dolls. This was followed by much giggling and whispering, and then I saw Bentley, our dear sweet long-suffering Jack Russell, offered a seat.  Nothing really too unusual here I thought, and carried on with my paper-work.

However, out of the corner of my eye I then saw Rory, one of our six month old kittens, had joined in the fun. This now peaked my interest and I furtively started to watch a little more closely, un-noticed, in the background.  The giggling continued unabated.

Our youngest then left on the pretext of going to the bathroom, but she had that wicked glint in her eye and I knew something was up!  She returned carrying Eleanor, the friendliest of our Pekim Bantam hens; yes Eleanor was coming to the tea party!  Now I’d forgotten all about the paper-work, I grabbed my phone (no time to look for the camera) and started snapping away….this was hilarious !

IMG_2131Rory wasn’t sure – what was that icky-sticky stuff on the table ? Bentley started to have a meaningful conversation with Elizabeth, the American Girl doll.


IMG_1983More tea anyone? Bentley looked perturbed that his plate was empty. 

IMG_2034Rory thought he might just get the last of the crumbs as he enjoyed the rest of ‘whatever it was’ so much.  Bentley on the other hand, now has something ON his plate but cannot quite understand that he is going to be allowed to eat off the table, that’s a definite NO normally; and Eleanor, well she’s just sitting, wondering what on earth is happening….

IMG_1964Rory really wanted more – and then some more. Who knew cats liked cake?

IMG_2010Well, as soon as Rory licked his lips (yum, that butter cream icing is just too good!),  Bentley decided the temptation was too much, and no one was going to stop him from having just a sneaky little taste….

IMG_2004and all the time Eleanor just sat there, unruffled by the chaos and laughter….

What a fun afternoon; there is one thing for sure – our household is never dull – but this certainly beats electronics and television on a rainy afternoon. Of course, Mr H thought it was all totally normal when he walked through the door, but then he is slightly barmy himself – I can see where the girls get it from now.



23 thoughts on “THE MAD HATTERS’ TEA PARTY

  1. What a riot! I just love this tea party…your gorgeous girls are so inventive. I think you will be so happy you have these photos in years to come.

  2. Most fabulous tea party ever!!!!!!!!! Thank you for inviting all of us to this most spectacular childhood event!!!! The chronicle fabulous as well – love every second of it, image of it, and I can hear the giggles and laughter!!!!

  3. This tea party reminded me of the time when my eldest granddaughter was little, maybe 4 or 5, and we would play at pretending to be “posh” ladies, drinking our cups of tea with our little fingers in the air. We would talk “posh” too, but before too long we were in fits of laughter. Such heartwarming memories, thanks for your pictures, your girls are delightful.

    1. Yes I noticed the little finger too, haven’t even mentioned it to her yet! Laughter – isn’t that what it is all about, making memories and laughing together. Thanks for following and for your lovely comments

  4. How hilarious! I would not have been surprised if the hen would have hopped on the table and make herself comfortable in the middle of that oh so inviting looking cupcake nest!

  5. That is just the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. It’s amazing that all of the guests would sit at the table for any length of time without at least one of them running (or flapping!) away! A reinactment of The Peaceable Kingdom, maybe?

    1. Hi Vicky, it was the most amazing tea party! I can understand the dog and cat sitting there as they were enjoying normally forbidden food! However, for the hen to just sit there for so long, she was there for well over half an hour, quite content, just sitting looking around, it was truly amazing! Definitely an afternoon to remember

    1. I think Bentley couldn’t believe his luck, he is never allowed to eat from the table so he was very timid, Rory, the kitten, would happily have walked all over the table if allowed and Eleanor, the hen, just sat there the whole time – it was all great fun!

    1. hi Grace, thank you for your lovely comments, so glad you enjoyed reading this. It was such a fun afternoon, and yes the animals whilst making the story and providing endless giggles were just perfect, the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon!

  6. This is brilliant and thank you so much for linking it up to #AnimalTales as this is a fabulous animal tale! I cannot believe how well behaved all the animals were. I can assure you my lot would NOT have been as far too many of them are thieves of the first order! I will tweet this for you so hopefully more people can come and read your gorgeous tale.

    1. Thanks so much, loved linking this to Animal Tales and reading some of the other stories. Bentley is pretty good, Rory would have been sitting in the middle of the table if we had let him, I don’t think he could believe his luck as it was!!!

    1. Yes you are quite right, if my daughter hadn’t kept pushing him down he would have been sitting in the middle of the table, licking his paws, unable to believe how lucky he was!!!

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