The current cold spell has us all in it’s frosty grip.  It can be really hard to leave the warmth of a good fire and get all dressed up to go out walking; even Bentley, usually keen for a walk no matter what, looks outside the door and tries to slope back in to the flames.  However, once I get out there and have been walking for a while, my contradictory self comes into play and I don’t want to go back home!


Anyone who has been following my blog to date will know that we have fallen in love with the marais on the edge of our village, an area consisting of thousands of acres of coastal freshwater marshes and ancient salt workings.  It is a permanently changing landscape that never fails to disappoint.  An absolute haven for wildlife, especially birds, and home to several endangered species.  Even though man has worked the land and water here for thousands of years, there remains little vestige of feudal servitude – instead, there is just an overpowering sense of peace and enchantment.


It is needless to say, one of our favourite dog-walks.  At this time of year the natural canals and lakes are full to the brim, and on a cold clear frosty morning as the sun is rising, the light is absolutely magical.

IMG_3123Soon, no doubt, the shrubs and trees will be bursting into life and the marais will change again, but for the time being I will leave you with a few more photos of winter here in the marshes.





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