So this afternoon I have a recipe that is perfect for children to make.  Our two youngest girls made these fabulous little Muesli balls at the weekend with a little supervision and today they made them all by themselves. Hmmm – I think she thought I wasn’t watching! IMG_0432

1 Orange, Mandarin or Clementine

4ozs/100g Muesli

100g chocolate melted

a little icing sugar for sifting

Finely grate the peel of the orange or mandarin or clementine (whichever you have to hand) into a bowl and then squeeze in the juice.

IMG_0411 IMG_0418

Add the Muesli.


Pour in the melted chocolate.


Stir the mixture well, then shape into balls each about the size of a walnut and put them into baking cases.

IMG_0436 IMG_0454

Sift over a little icing sugar.


Leave in the fridge for at least half an hour before eating.


I love that my children are learning to cook from a young age and take an interest in what they are eating.  These are so delicious for adults and children alike.  The orange gives them a wonderful flavor and the darker the chocolate the more grown up they become.  We used 70% cocoa chocolate and I could serve these after dinner to a group of adults – the only bad thing is they don’t last long – but then they are so easy to make I’ll just have to ask them to make another batch…..


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