The Brunch Bunch

img_2416Brunch is just as popular in France as it is throughout the rest of the world. For me it is one of those fabulous meals associated with the weekend and free time. A simple mention of the word and I am dreaming of hot languid summer days and holidays. Staycations work just fine right now! It’s a meal that evokes contentment and friends and family. Brunch for me is always informal and relaxed. It is also always in my mind very much a warm weather affair on the terrace under the shade of the linden trees. A time when the internet and phones are forgotten. It’s a time of simplicity in pretty surroundings.

IMG_2631What is interesting is that brunch is not a new word. I honestly imagined it was something from the nineties, I don’t remember ever having brunch as a child. However a little research blew that theory straight out of the window. The word is thought to have first been used in 1895 in Great Britain in Punch magazine describing a Sunday meal for “Saturday-night carousers”! It was then added to the Oxford dictionary in 1896!

Let’s be honest if you’ve enjoyed a fabulous Saturday night and you’ve slept through the first meal of the day on a Sunday morning, then a lazy long brunch is exactly what is needed.

IMG_2601Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day anyway, closely followed by lunch. So to combine the two is a win win when we’ve a relaxing weekend with nothing much planned.

It’s one of those meals that seems to happen organically. As everyone slowly emerges, wandering into the kitchen, stretching and wiping sleep from their eyes, things just sort of start to come together.

It really is the epitome of enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

IMG_2607When there are plenty of helping hands to make light work of the preparation, it’s one of those meals that starts from next to nothing and quite quickly turns into a feast. I’ll lay the table. Right now I’m loving the simplicity of using antique blue and white French ironstone plates and leaving the table rustic and au naturel. They don’t have to all be the same, a little mix and match works well for me!

IMG_2388IMG_2391Another person picks a few fresh flowers to put in some small vintage glass mustard pots and old bottles.

IMG_2376IMG_2381Very simple but classically elegant.

IMG_2396Someone makes the fruit salad,

IMG_2436another takes charge of coffee, the eggs,

IMG_2441the pancakes.


IMG_2452and let’s not forget the croissants and pain au chocolat. If you’re lucky enough to have a boulangerie within striking distance, a gentle wander through the village to collect them warm and freshly baked really is the ultimate treat.IMG_2418Whilst some people just wait patiently!


I think what I absolutely love the most about brunch is that it is a meal that makes us feel like we’re on vacation.

IMG_2609There’s no rush. Normally it’s the weekend and you’ve had a lie in rather than rising with the sun.

What’s more you really can eat whatever you want. Everyone can be satisfied as you can  combine steak and eggs with fresh fruit salad and berries, yoghurt and pancakes.  Brunch is the meal where mixing sweet and savoury is perfectly ok. And the best part? It all seems utterly normal! What’s more if you’ve skipped breakfast you’ll have a wonderful appetite which means you really can indulge and take your time. Sit back and enjoy.


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