A French Village Walk

P8010836It’s such a British thing to talk about the weather. But actually it’s often a favoured topic of the French too and this April has given us plenty to think about. We’ve had pretty much all four seasons in as many weeks. We are too far south and too close to the coast to worry about frosts now but it’s been colder than average, hotter than average, drier than average and guess what wetter than average too!

Right now we’re in a chilly stage, so much so that we’re still lighting a fire in the evenings in the sitting room. The skies can change from a beautiful blue to a menacing black within minutes. Warm sun is replaced by cold rain and vice versa. However, anything growing in a sheltered spot is loving it. Protected from the harsher winds, and thoroughly enjoying a good soaking the spring flowers have flourished. The village is looking gorgeous and walking with the dogs is an absolute pleasure. So rather than going on and on about it and being selfish I thought I should take you with me, let’s take a stroll together.


Everywhere is so green, almost overnight it all changed and blossom gave way to leaves. I think it is going to be an incredible season for cherries and plums.P8010861P8010830P8010838

The wisteria has put on a stupendous show all aroundP8010864

and don’t you just love this old rusty bike. It has been here as long as I can remember!P8010832P8010840P8010865

Along with this old tractor in another field. Neither work but they are in no way unsightly either, just a reminder of the past.P8010896

This roof is held up quite literally by the beam supported by the concrete pillar in the middle, but I would love to have this little garden, wouldn’t this make a wonderful summer kitchen area?P8010841

And this doorway which I am told dates from the 14th century.P8010843

To be honest everywhere at this time of year is photo worthy. However, it is when we stop and take that picture that we really appreciate the tiny intricacies, the old stones, the plants which have self seeded and are growing in the cracks in the walls, the turf which has been untouched for hundreds of years, the church from the 12th Century.P8010873


Let’s keep going. Past the roses, which if tucked in by a sheltered wall are already fragrantly blooming.P8010850

Past narrow doorwaysP8010893P8010854

and ancient terracotta tiled roofs,P8010855

and down roads which have heard the pounding of hoofbeats and the thud of feet from lifetimes long ago.P8010889P8010860

Then a single poppy grabs my attention. It strikes me as a reminder that life is fragile, we have to appreciate what we have and the here and now and very much in the news at the moment, we have to protect our environment.P8010877

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