Our Christmas Shop is Open Today


I hope you are having a lovely, peaceful and relaxed weekend. We awoke to news of snow  in so many places, it’s even snowing in London, Izzi was on the phone to us bright and early, making me so envious with amazing videos of roads, cars and houses completely covered in a blanket of white powder, it looked magical. Instead we have gale force winds and driving rain. A day to snuggle up indoors and turn our attention to decorating our Christmas tree, it is always so much fun and we are all so excited we might just manage to forget that we don’t have snow!  I’ll post photos on Instagram and Facebook this evening.

Just to let you know that our one day 10% discount across the board Christmas Shop  sale is now live for 24 hours. We will make sure that all items purchased are mailed tomorrow for delivery in time for Christmas. If you would like us to gift wrap any item in festive French paper we will gladly do so at no extra charge, please just let us know. Just click on the link above or HERE and I hope you find that something special you are looking for and even if you have bought all the gifts you need for your nearest and dearest perhaps it is now time to treat yourself, go on, I am sure you more than deserve it!

Lots of love from a very wet and windy Charente Maritime, Susan xx


23 thoughts on “Our Christmas Shop is Open Today

    1. Yes horrible isn’t it and meant to be even worse tomorrow with stronger winds. Perfect day to cook, hope you made some delicious things. We decorated the tree with the fire roaring and music playing, the best kind of Sunday! xx

  1. Oh, I wish….
    I know of something else you should have in your shop Susan, prints of your lovely photos! I’m sure they would go down a storm.
    Sounds like the perfect day to put up your tree & decorations, & maybe a warming glass of mulled wine?? We’re just -2c in Edinburgh today, but no snow, unlike a lot of the UK. xxx

    1. Thanks for the idea Janet, really appreciate the input, I will certainly look into it as it was something I had not even considered. I never think of my photos as anything more than snapshots of our lives here and all that is around us. It was a horrible day here today with non stop rain and gale force winds. Your -2 sounds preferable! But the snow photos from all around the UK are so fabulous, our eldest daughter had so much snow in Highgate in North London! Much excitement of course! xxx

    2. Yes, your photos are a great idea! Besides, I know from experience, photo editing is a surefire way to work your way through the worst kind of weather. Honestly, if it’s not on your computer screen, you will have no clue it’s there.

      1. Very true, today was certainly a day to stay indoors here and tomorrow looks even worse, winds forecast for our coastal region of the Charente Maritime at 85kph with gusts of over 110kph! Should be fun!!

  2. You have a shop! Beautiful stuff, especially the Christmas stockings. I’m here in London, gazing at snow on the ground. It’s great, as long as you can stay indoors. Anyway, Etsy rocks. I’m glad to see that you’re on it.

    1. I am sorry I have not been to your blog for a while. I had a big glitch our email server and lost so many notifications for blogs I follow and I have no idea why or that I had! But I have signed up once more as I love reading your posts. Our eldest daughter is in Highgate, North London, she said there was so much snow this morning, she was so excited. Enjoy London, it’s always so beautiful at this time of year. No snow here, just gale force winds and lots of rain! xx

    1. Wow, that is a lot of snow, I can imagine it looks fantastic, especially in the sun, enjoy! Hope the Christmas cookies were/are delicious. The best way to spend a cold snowy Sunday! xx

    1. Thanks so much Monika, so much snow in so many places! Now are you sad it hopped over you and missed you altogether, or more than happy? I know people who get a lot of snow each winter are more than pleased not to get it, whereas for us it is such a rarity that we long to get just a little!! xx

  3. I will visit and I expect I will buy (I have a very low threshold for resisting lovely) … winter is wearing her sparkliest sweater in many places but take heart from your no-snow …. quickly the British will be complaining about the inevitable melt or calling it the wrong sort of snow, cancelling all public transport and getting cabin fever because there are snow-days in schools and offices and they are forced to be together at home (*gasps in horror* 😉) Today we have rain, tomorrow we have rain, on Wednesday we have sun, on Thursday we have rain and on Friday it will snow again for the weekend. The skiers are thanking the Gods for understanding that weekends are for snow and weekdays are for anything that prevents them from feeling they should be breaking powder on the pistes! I think my blog may have been a victim of your server issues …. I haven’t seen you for an age 🙂 xx

    1. You are so right, I thought you hadn’t been writing with so much going on with your family and festivities as I have had no notifications. But I see that it is me, I have somehow become unsubscribed!! Going to change that now. Thank god the snow is obliging, I always fear for those who make their living out of such a short winter season. As for the British and the snow, I already saw on the news last night lots of people complaining because schools were closed and they didn’t know how to keep their children occupied!!! Sad sad sad. xx

      1. I don’t even understand why school close. Here I live opposite the École primaire and previously I lived above the École Maternelle in Cantal and neither ever shut for weather. If the power fails they wear coats and scarves hats and gloves and do some physical jerks like we used to. My youngest just told me that the M40 was closed at Oxford on Sunday. Ludicrous. I drove to Genève through a blizzard and just took care along with the rest. I’m better off in France – I don’t think my blood pressure would stand the UK anymore and it makes me really sad because in the end I am British 🇬🇧 xx

        1. I know just how you feel, I will always be British, but why would they close a school because of a couple of inches of snow, but then most are horrified when I tell them we did sports outside in shorts all winter and if the hockey pitch was too frozen or the netball court too wet then we had to do a cross country run instead! I know you will have done just the same! xx

    1. Lucky him! We didn’t lose power, just flickered on and off a little, but the wind was pretty violent for a while. What an adventurous winter this is so far and it is only mid -December xx

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