Last week, amidst the current upheaval of countries and people, and sandwiched in between the world’s political circus, melting icebergs and the demands of my media-savvy clutch of children, I paused for thought. In my somewhat chaotic lifestyle two things happened to make me stop and wonder at the meaning of friendship. First, as can often happen, two people we had not seen for nearly a year came to dinner with their infectious smiles – it was as if we had seen each other every week and as is the way with best friends, the intervening months melted away within moments. Continue reading “Friendship”

A Letter For You


Searching through some old papers recently I found a letter. I sat there wondering if anyone wrote letters anymore apart from ‘thank-you’ notes, or is it a dying art? As I pondered this question the next day on my daily school-run with the children, I realised that as little as 20 years ago we would have written a letter and sent some photos to describe a holiday we’d had, for example, or a special occasion we’d enjoyed. This in turn led to me thinking about what letter I would write to you and which pictures I would include. Would it have been something like this, I wondered? Continue reading “A Letter For You”

8 Days in South West France



We had quite a challenge recently, when friends came to visit us for just over a week from Florida. It was the first time they had been away from the USA and so this was one of those ‘trips of a lifetime’. The big question was, what to do, and where to take them during their 8 days here? They knew they wanted to experience real French life, but they also wanted to make sense of its long history, and see as much as they could about the country. Continue reading “8 Days in South West France”