Getting to Grips with The Spring Garden

IMG_0160It’s been a month of frantic activity in the garden.  The last two weeks of March saw the children wearing shorts, we dined al fresco, dusting down the chairs and grabbing any cushions we could find. Our usual outdoor accessories were still carefully packed away, not quite ready to come out of hibernation. Read more

Why France ?

img_4032Happy Mother’s Day to those in the UK. Nearly every country I can think of celebrates in May, so I wonder why in Great Britain it is in March? I have lots of little things for you to mull over today. It is Sunday after all, and we are in France, a day to relax and and a day to enjoy. Here it promises to be another beautiful warm one so I shall keep this short and sweet.P6400369

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Is the Île de Ré just as Magical in Winter?

P7850062Spring visited here for a fleeting stay. She tickled our tastebuds and teased our senses and had us hanging up our jackets and baring our arms in t-shirts. The children went one step further donning shorts. But then she got firmly pushed to one side, we didn’t lose the warmth so much as it just got rudely elbowed out of the way by a cold and very boisterous wind coupled with more than our fair share of rain to add insult to injury. Read more

Armchair Travel

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 21.26.19One of the great things about having a very sporty daughter is I get to travel, a lot! I do not have the time to be a conventional visitor, but I do get to see a great deal of France. All I need to do is to remember to take my camera and I can capture a little of the essence of the area we are visiting. Read more

Let’s Take a Virtual Vacation

IMG_9145Are you ready to kickstart the week with a little virtual vacation? It’s a bit too early in the year for sun filled activities and I think most of us in the northern hemisphere are over winter and ready for spring, so how about some culture for our armchair travel adventure?

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Falling in Love


I’ll be straight from the start. This is not a tear jerking love story which will have you reaching out for the tissues and leave you feeling all mushy inside. I haven’t caused a scandal and committed adultery and we haven’t suddenly felt the need to renew our wedding vows. Read more