A Lot to Talk About

11202555_438802416315168_3122986598779026001_nIsn’t it funny how one thing leads to another, and how an organised event can turn into something quite unplanned? Take last weekend for example the girls were all taking part in the Rochefort 7kms run in aid of Breast Cancer. It was for ladies only and limited to the first 6000 entries. We imagined chaos, obviously with huge crowds of more than 10,000, runners and spectators. Parking would surely be a problem; we planned to leave super early and get there well ahead of schedule, that alone is a rare feat for us!

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Hi, How Are You?

P7810598In those days when I was at school and wrote letters on a weekly basis it was a chore not a pleasure, they would always start the same, “Dear so and so, how are you”? However, every now and then in this day and age there is nothing I like more than writing you a jolly good letter, electronically. A newsy little catch-up of what’s been going on, just as I would write an email to a friend.

Today my “How are you?” has additional thoughts and prayers for everyone in the path of Hurricane Michael, I know what you are going through; I’ve been there and it’s awful, and we are all thinking of you. Read more

Our Love Affair with French Vintage

IMG_3717Why am I so passionate about hunting down antique and vintage items? Why do I forgo the cozy Sunday morning lie-in to wake well before most of the house has stirred – and certainly earlier than any sane person would choose after a long lazy Saturday evening meal with friends? There is some inner passion that drives me, the thrill of the chase and that frisson of anticipation. To put it simply, every antique or vintage item is unique. Read more

The Quality of Life

P7730827 2Life in France is very much determined by the seasons, often by what we eat and where we eat, and if you are feeling a little out of kilter or disconnected with the world around you this is a fabulous place to put things back into some form of perspective. Read more

The Grape Harvest

P7730394If you are in the midst of the serious wine growing regions of Bordeaux at the moment you will likely notice that the vineyards are a hive of activity – it’s that time of year when the annual grape harvest is underway. Slightly further up the Atlantic coast in a small hamlet last weekend, an equally momentous grape harvest took place.  Read more

Are You Superstitious ?

IMG_2186I can remember my childhood as if it was yesterday.  I grew up on a farm and amongst many happy memories of life there are also many recollections of my adventures with mice, furry little creatures that obviously go hand in hand when there is plenty of grain lying around – not just in the huge barns where it was stored, but also in the feed-bins for the cattle and horses. However, what I could never manage to do was to come to terms with their existence. They terrified me as a child and they continue to do so today. There is a certain scream, that I have apparently perfected, that Roddy knows so well. It can  mean only one thing, that there is a mouse in the house and life is going to take on a very sharp downward spiral. Read more

Summer’s End or Not??

P7730197It’s that time of year that always seems to be a bit of a muddle as far seasons are concerned. If you stick to the astronomical calendar then it is still summer for another couple of weeks. If you listen to the gardeners and follow the meteorological system then we have moved into Autumn. Read more