The Fabled Good Life


unspecified-5I am really excited today to introduce you to another British expat, Kathryn Dobson, and her family, who live in the Vienne in Central-Western France. But although they moved here for the good life and have surrounded themselves with numerous animals, their lives are far from ordinary. They live in a small chateau and own a hugely successful magazine that they publish here in France. Read more

A Canadian in France


Remember a few weeks ago I chatted about introducing you to some expats who have set up their own businesses here and have made France their home? Well today I am really excited to get this started and to introduce you to Leanne, who is Canadian. She has lived in France for many years with her French husband, Sylvain, and together they make artisanal soaps. These are soaps that are handmade with only pure natural ingredients, soaps that look so good and smell so divine one almost wants to eat them!


This entire interview is so enriching and filled with such good advice it will have you mentally packing your bags, if you don’t already live here! Read more